Lie down with Dogs, Get up with Fleas

I cannot do 

Fox News.  They have anointed themselves the Tea Party outlet, and they are welcome to front that group.  But I will not get my news there.  Ever.  Chris Wallace can say he is not “like Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity” but he is tied to them by his FOX affiliation.  He went there- he has to take the backwash.  FOX is in the business of imagery, not news. They have created and fanned a movement because it suits their ratings mongering delivery.  It is resulting in all heat, no light- paralysis.  I concur that the Tea Party clan should be validated for their love of country, excoriated for the shallow knowledge.  There is so little cohesion to the group- yet Republicans pander to them, and Democrats fear them.  Enough.  

Rupert Murdoch, who has quite the international media empire going, including the Fox Network, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post, recently chortled that he looked forward to the end of paper and ink outlets. I guess he figures that the images tell the story better than good investigation and diligent reporting. So he sends his crews out to assemble imagery that suits his agenda.  Are we really so easily manipulated? He has the means to distort and report. He pays the crew on Fox to mouth his disdain for the president.  It is wildly profitable to capture 10% of the population and inflame them so they are loyal “outsiders” of the Tea Party/9-12 movement. 
 The disenfranchised Tea Party members should be wary of multi millionaire hosts, employed by a billionaire media mogul who exploit their fears to ensure a return to the failed policies of the last 8 years, which Rupert was a big fan of.  They should note that he is Australian, but became an American citizen to allow him to purchase American media outlets.  Then he successfully maintained Australian citizenship so he could continue his media empire there. He makes 30 million or so a year personally, but has often been able to escape taxes on his profitable media holdings due to the complexity of their structure.  He really is everyman, railing against big government, isn’t he?  He must truly empathize with the marginalized Americans, right?  
Chris Wallace can whine all he wants about Obama snubbing him, but in the News business, like in the business of life- when you hear a fact, it is wise to consider the source.   Most Americans choose to get their facts from a place which desires to cover the news, not create it or reconfigure it.  I hope that we prevail, and that someday the Murdoch desk tenders get in their clown cars and drive off.  Perhaps Chris Wallace has time to salvage his credibility.  Tick. Tick. Tick.

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