I just renewed my books-a-million card, but....

Amazon's Jeff Bezos Introduces Kindle 2 At NYC Press Conference

I may be more of a stranger at my bookstore.  

I am a Kindle Girl!

 I have lusted for an electronic reader for a long time.  I love books, love to read, and I cling
to every book I love as if it is an orphan child.  I want to place them in good homes, or else I just keep
them. I have a few bookcases in the basement that annoy Steve by their
alphabetized order.  I always have
a stack of “to be read volumes” in the family room, collecting dust and shaming
me.  When I travel, I take 3 books
to read, and a stack of guide books- and I am generally over the weight
limit.  It is an ugly scene when
Steve has to peel off $50.00 to pay for me to fly books.  He has given up shaming me, and he has
modified his “reading is for losers” slogan now that he has a column in the
Tribune.  Reading BOOKS is for
losers, I guess.

I had a birthday this week, and the kids bought me the
Kindle 2, Amazon’s proprietary reader.    I had resisted, because
I had never held one, or seen one in person.  It is a big leap of faith to commit to something like that
without test-driving it.   Since the kids did the paying, I am free
to enjoy it without guilt. 


So far I have just read the instruction book on it, and it
is easy on the eyes, light as a feather, and user-friendly. It has a gazillion
features that I will never use-I cannot see Kindle converting documents for me-
but has arresting possibilities.  As
my vision degrades, the typeface can be enlarged.  It will translate books to audio with a male or female voice, and you can hustle or slow the speed.  I could have a man read me to sleep! I will never have to ruminate over a definition- a
dictionary lives inside it.  I can
mark profound passages and store them. 
Just think how obnoxious I am going to be at book club- orally
interpreting poignant moments, capturing funny dialogue, and rehashing the
climactic moments. No more bent corners and scribbled margins. I have already
purchased the next two book club selections in paper (The Help, and The
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
, but our December selection, Shadow Divers,
is happily residing in Janet’s Kindle (they named it- maybe I will change its
name to Jandle).  It downloaded for
$7.00 in less than a minute via their Whispernet.    


There are many newspapers and magazines available for
Kindle, including the Chicago Tribune, but I already dawdle with 4 newspapers and numerous Internet news
sites.  I must draw a line
somewhere.  Jandle will be for my
first love, books.  I have already
accessorized her with a protective cover and a book light.  I am an official Kindle nerd. 


It’ll be awhile before I have unlocked all of her secrets,
and I will let you know if my love of paper impedes my love of Jandle.  I think there is room for both in my

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