Why I Love the Midwest

The New York Times has scorned an American institution, JC Penney.  I guess the writer tiptoed away from this article in her personal blog, but still- if a department store like Penney’s wants to compete with the department stores in Manhatten- bully for them.  

I get the NYT on Sunday, admittedly for all the wrong reasons:  wedding notices, Modern Love, real estate peeping, and peering at beautiful people in their ads and society shots.  I like the book reviews.  They are a liberal counterpoint to my other subscriptions, and I think it is good to be balanced.  
Often, the New York Times is unwittingly drenched in irony.  They have special fashion magazines, the shots are artistic and the clothing ridiculous.  They carry heart rending stories about how the economy is making shopping a shameful event for the mavens of society.  The insert these stories next to ads for obscenely priced clothing and jewelry.  They are struggling, along with most media outlets, to sell enough advertising to stay afloat.  I guess they are doing well enough that they can ignore the ads that inform the choices of average Americans.  Or do they think that only the top 1% of wage earners can read?  Whatever….last time I checked, Kohl’s, Penney’s Target and God Forbid….Wal Mart were doing a better job than most of muddling through this bleak financial period.  I hope the writer does not lose her job so she has to recalibrate her budget.  

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