Signs of the Apocalypse

I read with some amusement that a judge has given the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate permission to rush into the production of merchandise to stabilize his estate.  There is fear that counterfeit merchandise will devalue his image.  For example, unauthorized keychains bearing Michael’s likeness were intercepted after shipping from Turkey.  The horror!  Among the treasures we can expect are videos, books, coins, stuffed animals, calendars and school supplies.  Ew.  Do not do it, Mom.   I am also trying hard to understand the Heidi Montag mystique.  I guess she is the cover girl for Playboy this month, and I saw her briefly, and pathetically on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.  Do people watch her to laugh at her, or is she a fresh talent that I am too old to get?  She appears to be vacuous, talentless, and of her own admission, surgically composed.  Of course, she says it so much more eloquently than I could capture.  And MSNBC considers it newsworthy. Parents, try to sabotage the viewing of The Hills.  It is hazardous to your teen’s social, intellectual and ethical upbringing.  Read the article and  weep.  Did she go boob shopping, or is she a boob, who shops? 

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