Last Dance of Summer


We will be hiding out in New Buffalo for a few days.  Labor
Day looms, and with it the launch of Steve’s podcast; he will need to be at the
house to clean the basement and make some sense of his subterranean studio.
 I have decided not to charge him for parking, unlike the Prudential.
 I will not have car washing services, either.  In truth, Steve was
very sad and anxious about detaching from his special spot in the garage, and he postponed it for months.  This week it just made him unhappy to be there.  I understand the spectrum of emotions: relief to let go,
nostalgia, regret that the medium he loves so much is shifting.  CBS was
home for 13 years, (his longest continuous employment) and I think that he knows that such a long run in one
place was an anomaly of sorts.  He loved being there, reaching out.
 I remember that on September 11, Jeff Schwartz told him to stay home, and
of course, he could not.  He knew that a calm sense of normalcy was
needed, and was glad to be that voice of reassurance.  With radio in such
a period of compression, he cannot foresee what the communication landscape
will be in 2 years, when his furlough is over.  I think he is generally a
visionary, and the podcasting opportunity is a great chance to experiment and
survey the future.  If it is not a good fit- he is nimble enough and eager
enough to shift.   In the meantime, he is better off not navigating the
Prudential garage with its shadows and memories. Editing frees you.   The rates in my garage are favorable, and the commute
is short.  Hell- maybe I could take his car to the car wash- though he really hates for me to drive it.  We’ll negotiate. My new camera, a Panasonic Lumix, has arrived, and I an learning to use it.  There are many settings, and I am a slow learner.  However, the “all the drinks with none of the clothes” billboard on 2-94 has been pulled.  I will never be able to immortalize it, for Steve or for you.  But I did manage to get some sunset shots tonight, as well as a few cute dog pictures.  I include them as a sign that I am slaving to create a better stopping off spot for anyone who visits me here.  Can I write off the camera if there is no income to offset?


You have to admit that these dogs are adorable.  Unnecessary to this blog, but adorable.
Milly is a Portuguese Water Dog.  I was trendy before the Obamas were.  Not before Ted Kennedy, God rest his soul.  He had Porties for years- I might have fallen in love with the breed after I saw him hitting tennis balls to his dog on the Senate courts.  He cleaned up after them himself, though he did not like to be photographed with their offerings.  I know the feeling.  It was Ted who matched Bo and the Obamas, and I know that dog will provide joy and stability for Malia and Sasha.  And true to the saying, “if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog”, Barack and Michelle will have someone who is always thrilled to be their buddy.  I honor of Milly’s breed being the first dog, I have ordered myself a Bobama commemorative T-shirt from Martha’s Vineyard.  Steve will cringe, but Milly will grin.
This week, after Senator Kennedy passed, I wanted to un-friend every Facebook poster that shoved vitriol about Ted under their smiling mugs.  Life is nuanced and complicated; only a lazy mind would dissolve a lifetime of work into a smug proclamation that they were glad that a drunken murder was headed to hell.  Who are such people?  I do not want them to be my friends.  I hid a bunch of them until I forgive or forget.  Please, say nothing, or balance the hate with some respect for his dedication to his country.   Is there no appreciation for the sacrifice of burying three brothers,  martyred in service to the US?   Remember what Mom said- if you cannot find something nice to say, say nothing.  Especially after a man dies.   
We went to Taking Woodstock today in Michigan City.  The theaters were new,nice and clean, with arm rests that fold up so you can cuddle.  I told Steve we could make out, but he wanted the arm rest down so he could plop his arm upon it.  We have been married too long.  At any rate, once the film started, he forgot to lower it.  And I forgot to make out.  The film was cute enough, but could have benefitted from a bit of editing.  I give it a B. I give the theaters an A+- free popcorn and pop refills, no kids under 17 without parents after 9, and police officers hanging out to support civility.  Maybe we will take in a few more movies if the skies stay cloudy. That is Janter for making the most of being housebound.

Another unrelated picture- but I cannot help myself.  Steve looks comfortable contemplating sunset in the Eastern office of Steve Dahl Worldwide. Soon he will have daily duties besides golf and scrabble.  I know he cannot wait. You all have a good weekend, and as they all said at Woodstock, peace, man.

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