Home Again- Chatter that does not Matter

I am home from Michigan- I have a Village Board meeting, and so I dragged Steve back with me just as the sun returned to Harbor Country. My timing is impeccable. He worked on wiring the studio for his podcast, (starting September 8th) and now he is hitting golf balls on a closed course, so no one will see him. The camera that I wrote about is wending its way to our summer condo, where I have arranged for it to be intercepted.  Again, my timing is off.  Fortunately, there was little of beauty to photograph besides my halibut dinner last night.  I will attempt to seduce Steve back to New Buffalo with dreams of Stop 50 pizza.  (If this place gets so busy that we cannot get in, Steve will kill me!) When the Sox are on the road, I have a better shot at relocating.  Wednesday night, Matt’s band, Pet Lions, will be appearing at Schuba’s.  He asked if we were coming- that is as close as Matt gets to wanting to associate with us.  They are the opening-opening act, so it fits my bedtime parameters.  I think we MAY take the bait. Perhaps there is a Trader Vic’s cocktail hour in it for me!  It is magic having a designated driver on staff 24/7/365.  Of course, he is already complaining about the bad parking near Schuba’s.  We are old, what can I say?  

Despite the fact that it was cold and damp in Michigan, I only finished 100 pages of Cutting for Stone.   This is the book for our September meeting of The Book Bags. I have about 5oo pages to go.  I like to knock off 100 at a time to up the odds that my swiss cheese brain will retain some of the plot so I need not re-read it the night before.  I am the organizer and facilitator of this group of 12 women.  God forbid, I am also hosting in September, so there is a chance that someone will be poisoned.  We have a member who is a MD, and that is quite the advantage when I cook: Heimlich maneuver, poison control- she is a Godsend.   Steve says book club is my chance to revisit being an English teacher;  he may be on to something.  Our last book was A Reliable WIfe, and I recommend it heartily. By the time I finished preparing for Book Club, I had a teacher’s guide.  No test, though.  Cutting for Stone has garnered raves:  the author is a doctor who is on the faculty at Stanford.  He took time out of his medical career to attend the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. I must say, he can turn a phrase.  I had to take time off after his description of childbirth.  Admittedly, the patient was a nun, the babies were twins, and they were joined (slightly) at the head.  That is a lot of drama.  My knees are glued together as I type. 
 I love my book club because it allows/forces me to get my nose out of In Style magazine, or off the computer.  When I was teaching, or in law school, magazine articles were all I had time for.  Now they are my bad habit, and accommodate my short attention span.  I wanted to read 30 books from June to October, and I will fall short. But I have ingested more slick magazine pages than I care to admit. I DO know that these are MUST HAVE styles for fall:  ruffles, boyfriend cardigans, a touch of neon and belts. Damn In Style Magazine!  I scare myself. I am so seriously past stylishness that those magazines are a form of masochism.  And a note to Julia Keller of the Tribune’s culture page:  I love you and your expansive taste in writing, but I LOVED The Art of Racing in the Rain.  It is a magical dog book.  Enzo the dog rules!  Marley drools.   Reconsider, please!  
 I have to get ready for my meeting- but I wanted to know, what have you read lately that you LOVE, and cannot stop talking about?  No political tomes, please.  Tomorrow I will share the reading loves of my recent life.  Thanks for stopping by, and I will be a better virtual friend, I promise.  Come back…help us pick our books.

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