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The U of I Conundrum

The pages of the Tribune have burned with indignation at the saga of legislative clout being applied to the University of Illinois Admissions Office.  I understand the distaste that politicizing admissions brings.  I expect that this pressure is most acutely felt at Champaign-Urbana, where the prestige and value of a Big Ten education is the... Read more »

Last Dance of Summer

We will be hiding out in New Buffalo for a few days.  Labor Day looms, and with it the launch of Steve’s podcast; he will need to be at the house to clean the basement and make some sense of his subterranean studio.  I have decided not to charge him for parking, unlike the Prudential.... Read more »

A smile to start your weekend, a link from Conan

A gift from Conan.  Cute as a …..puppy dressed like a cat.

Alcoholics Anonymous

My husband recently celebrated his 14th year without a drink. He received a coin in the mail from a virtual sponsor, who has sent him such a token every year since he quit.  These coins are badges in the Alcoholics Anonymous program, and they are earned every day, week, month- heck, every hour an alcoholic... Read more »

Home Again- Chatter that does not Matter

I am home from Michigan- I have a Village Board meeting, and so I dragged Steve back with me just as the sun returned to Harbor Country. My timing is impeccable. He worked on wiring the studio for his podcast, (starting September 8th) and now he is hitting golf balls on a closed course, so... Read more »

In Michigan

Steve and I ambled across the state lines to spend some time in New Buffalo.  Yeah- a vacation from his vacation, as Steve called it in his own blog.  I am always up for a change of scenery, especially since I have a living room without seating, currently warehousing my dad and mom’s deconstructed life. ... Read more »

Why I Love the Midwest

The New York Times has scorned an American institution, JC Penney.  I guess the writer tiptoed away from this article in her personal blog, but still- if a department store like Penney’s wants to compete with the department stores in Manhatten- bully for them.   I get the NYT on Sunday, admittedly for all the... Read more »

Signs of the Apocalypse

I read with some amusement that a judge has given the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate permission to rush into the production of merchandise to stabilize his estate.  There is fear that counterfeit merchandise will devalue his image.  For example, unauthorized keychains bearing Michael’s likeness were intercepted after shipping from Turkey.  The horror!  Among the... Read more »

Biting the Hand that Feeds Me

I am not a health care expert.  I know that in preparation for the end of his time at CBS, Steve procured a second health care policy.  This was to insulate us from being insured for any  pre-existing that might develop between employment and Medicare.   CBS is still good enough to insure us; nevertheless, we... Read more »

Still Navigating the Obstacle Course

Those who have followed my family are aware that my Dad passed away in March.  He had a fine life, and in fact, a fine death.  I have covered it pretty comprehensively at Janet’s Planet– but there are a lot of details associated with losing the last parent.  Miraculously, his condo in suburban Detroit sold, and though... Read more »