Why Six Strings?

The Six-String Music Rating System --

One-string: Why did I review this? Everybody gets one for trying.
Two-strings: Can see somebody else rocking to this.
Three-strings: Some appreciated technique involved.
Four-strings: Really digging. More investigation will occur.
Five-strings: Made my day. Can't get it out of my head.
Six-strings: Instant classic. My favorite new band.



But why six strings?

Objective, subjective, subjective objectivity...

Ratings are always imperfect systems.

Whenever researching an album I find it best to cross-reference critical reviews -- Rolling Stone hands out three-stars like it's your birthday (not a knock, I dig R.S.), but is aptly descriptive in its deconstruction of the music, while AVClub.com tends to like only things you've never heard of (also useful).

And I've never been big on rating things, as our feelings and total personalities change on a day-to-day basis, BUT sometimes you just gotta nail an album down for readers, listeners and fans.

The four or five star system tells very little. Claiming "Good" versus "Excellent" isn't enough.

So here in The Jam Room you will find yet another unique -- and hopefully helpful -- perspective: what an album means to me in this moment.

When I do album reviews here, I may or may not rate them, but when I do it will be my own (guitar-based) system: six strings.

Rock and/or roll.