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New Music Monday: Beat Mark's debut album

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We haven’t had a New Music Monday in a while, but something truly worthy of a triumphant return may be breezing over the horizon. French band Beat Mark is set to drop their debut album Howls of Joy on February 19, 2013. This lead single “Breeezing!” immediately struck me as an almost surf-rocking jam with... Read more »

M.O.O.N., YUZIMA and Sons of the West release three EPs

There are three previously-covered indie kids from across this weird country — specifically Boston, New York and Chicago — who have recently released new music. A couple of them self-release this stuff, so let’s get around the web and check it all out… M.O.O.N. It seems like this Boston-area electronic musician is constantly either making... Read more »

Garbage rises above the '90s resurgence

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So very many staples of the ’90s decided it’d be a good time to make a comeback this year — from Candlebox, Counting Crows, Creed and The Cranberries to Eve 6, The Offspring and Limp Bizkit (if you wanna count them as ’90s (or as anything)). Alice in Chains is even rumored to be working... Read more »

Chicago band JIP drops super-collaborative Sparks, Flames & Names EP

Chicago band JIP drops super-collaborative Sparks, Flames & Names EP
Sparks, Flames & Names may be an EP, but JIP doesn’t half-ass anything here. Frontman Jim Gwynn scoured the Chicago music scene on a mission to collaborate with artists of all varieties. What results is a solid, satisfying album that takes its influence from the best of many sounds — from Ben Kweller and Ben Folds... Read more »

A Dispatch Concerning Dispatch: Circles Around the Sun

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Dispatch’s new album was released today, Tuesday, 8/21/12. That’s something you might have never thought you’d hear again after they broke up in 2002. And again after their “final concert” in 2004. And then when they never quite re-united, but played a killer show for Zimbabwe in 2007. The three equal bandleaders have, once again,... Read more »

New Music Monday: Divine Fits

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Here’s a super-indie supergroup for ya (unless you’ve never heard of Wolf Parade or New Turk Bombs. Then it’s just Britt Daniel from Spoon’s new side-project). A Thing Called Divine Fits drops on August 28th, but you may have already heard this single on your coolest local radio station (ie. XRT). “My Love is Real”... Read more »

Gold Motel - "Cold Shoulders"

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Heya, I … :::stretch::: … apologize for not having a bunch of posts up here lately. Been kinda busy trying to not melt into my shoes and saving the garden from slow, brown death. Can’t salt that out of your veggies. I’ve been getting more and more emails from band reps lately — it’s kinda... Read more »

Hot Chip’s In Our Heads and album reviews you don’t need

Hot Chip’s In Our Heads and album reviews you don’t need
Writing music reviews is weird business. Often you know what you’re going to get when you read a particular guy (or listen to a particular band). Some people are looking for new music. Some don’t wanna hear what you have to say about their favorite band. What critics do from their various papers, websites and... Read more »

Japandroids: Celebration Rock

Japandroids: Celebration Rock
Now this is refreshing. This record makes me wanna drive for hours, mosh the immovable, headbang down the street, kick bricks and break out air-drumsticks (kits are expensive). If you’ve popped-in Japandroids’ second album expecting ballads, auto-tune, mash-ups, two-minute pop ditties and/or a sax, well… I’d like to know where you’re getting your album reviews.... Read more »

Cornershop: Remember them? They're jamming anyway...

Behind every “one hit wonder” is a story. Sometimes it’s a long, rewarding struggle — sometimes it’s instant fame followed by a sophomore cliff-dive — but sometimes those bands aren’t one-hit-wonders at all because they’ve been there in the background of your life for years. I still pull out Cornershop’s 1997 album When I Was Born for... Read more »