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Something about nothing: preview 2013

Something about nothing: preview 2013
Wow. That was a chore, huh? A lot of stuff just happened. We had some holidays, the new year, an election, recent Olympic games and even the flipping of the Mayan “Have we really been talking about this for, like, two years??” calendar. Whew. But we’re back to that point, now, where we’re going to... Read more »

Selling-out: Now a necessary evil for musicians?

Selling-out: Now a necessary evil for musicians?
Grouplove. That’s the band in the most recent iPod commercial (“Take me to your best friend’s house!..”). This is a band I’ve been selling my friends, cats, countryfolk and anything else within a few hundred feet of my stereo on for months. “Never Trust a Happy Song” is the collection of beautiful, masterful tunes that... Read more »

The Black Keys - Tighten Up [Official Music Video]

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Black Keys, “Tighten Up” wins my video of the year award (even though it is from their 2010 album Brothers.. Wow, these guys are working hard). I don’t watch a lot of MTV anymore (unless its The Friend Zone. Have you seen that? Hilarious). But I spend plenty of time on YouTube. Excluding the live... Read more »

The Black Keys- thickfreakness (Live TV)

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So you know who The Black Keys are now. That’s awesome. But these guys have been at it for a long time (with a fair amount of success from the start). I recall immediately learning this song back in April 2003 after seeing them on Conan. Songs from the album “Thickfreakness” were also featured in... Read more »