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New Music Monday: Atoms For Peace, Amok

This first major album release of the year has been more problem than pleasure so far. And after all the confusion, I still don’t know what to think of this Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Nigel Goodrich (longtime Radiohead producer) collaboration. Atoms For Peace were supposed to drop their first album Amok... Read more »

New Music Monday: The Lone Bellow's crazy story and debut

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There’s not a lot of info out there yet on these guys — their webpage is mind-bendingly simple — but it’s hard to believe that lead jammer Zach Williams couldn’t play the guitar and sing until a friend told him to, considering he’s so good at it now. Back up… Williams’ wife was left nearly paralyzed... Read more »

Something about nothing: preview 2013

Something about nothing: preview 2013
Wow. That was a chore, huh? A lot of stuff just happened. We had some holidays, the new year, an election, recent Olympic games and even the flipping of the Mayan “Have we really been talking about this for, like, two years??” calendar. Whew. But we’re back to that point, now, where we’re going to... Read more »

New Music Monday: Divine Fits

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Here’s a super-indie supergroup for ya (unless you’ve never heard of Wolf Parade or New Turk Bombs. Then it’s just Britt Daniel from Spoon’s new side-project). A Thing Called Divine Fits drops on August 28th, but you may have already heard this single on your coolest local radio station (ie. XRT). “My Love is Real”... Read more »

Gold Motel - "Cold Shoulders"

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Heya, I … :::stretch::: … apologize for not having a bunch of posts up here lately. Been kinda busy trying to not melt into my shoes and saving the garden from slow, brown death. Can’t salt that out of your veggies. I’ve been getting more and more emails from band reps lately — it’s kinda... Read more »

New Music Monday: Friends, "Mind Control"

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It has been pointed out that Friends — the hot new band (with less Schwimmer pratfalls than its televised counterpart) — could grow to fill the void of progressive and danceable music that was left when James Murphy ended LCD Soundsystem. And you can certainly hear the resemblance in this song. Samantha Urbani and her... Read more »

Did The Offspring Rip-Off The Foo Fighters?

No. The answer is no (in case you’re only here to scroll down to the bottom). Now let’s discuss why… There are a lot of accusations thrown around concerning one musician or another ripping-off somebody else’s song. And while this certainly happens sometimes (looking at you, Black Eyed Peas), most of the time it’s simply... Read more »

What new album will soundtrack your summer 2012?

What new album will soundtrack your summer 2012?
Summer is an exceptionally good time to rock new music. We’re outside mowing our lawns, dodging bird dung, in cars watching the corn go by, walking dogs, cats, lizards and generally out of our dusty homes, away from the flickering boobs on the tube. Sure, half our collective minds may be on the big new... Read more »

Cornershop: Remember them? They're jamming anyway...

Behind every “one hit wonder” is a story. Sometimes it’s a long, rewarding struggle — sometimes it’s instant fame followed by a sophomore cliff-dive — but sometimes those bands aren’t one-hit-wonders at all because they’ve been there in the background of your life for years. I still pull out Cornershop’s 1997 album When I Was Born for... Read more »

Beach Boys' new single "That's Why God Made the Radio" not good enough for radio

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Here they go. After more than 20 years apart, the Beach Boys are definitely reuniting, releasing another album, touring… surfing?… Have to admit — I really thought this reunion would eventually go the way of a Van Halen “They’re gonna… No they’re not.. But they might (but actually never were)”-type flirtation. It’s not going to... Read more »