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M.O.O.N., YUZIMA and Sons of the West release three EPs

There are three previously-covered indie kids from across this weird country — specifically Boston, New York and Chicago — who have recently released new music. A couple of them self-release this stuff, so let’s get around the web and check it all out… M.O.O.N. It seems like this Boston-area electronic musician is constantly either making... Read more »

Quality jams to jam with your friends

Quality jams to jam with your friends
There’s plenty of actual freestyle jamming going on when The Annual Jam Band gets together. It’s how we were born. It’s what we do best (and love). J., Taller J. and I spend borderline-inappropriate amounts of time neglecting work, exercise and calling our poor, worried mothers to craft unique and jammable chord progressions. And spending any... Read more »

Chicago band JIP drops super-collaborative Sparks, Flames & Names EP

Chicago band JIP drops super-collaborative Sparks, Flames & Names EP
Sparks, Flames & Names may be an EP, but JIP doesn’t half-ass anything here. Frontman Jim Gwynn scoured the Chicago music scene on a mission to collaborate with artists of all varieties. What results is a solid, satisfying album that takes its influence from the best of many sounds — from Ben Kweller and Ben Folds... Read more »

Blue Line: Catch them near you for rockin' blues

I happened to catch Blue Line’s inaugural show last Friday at the Penny Road Pub (on Penny Road) in Barrington. Gotta say — for a blues/rock band playing all original material, this was no first show. These guys are all rock ‘n’ roll lifers. Actually I’m just guessing that. But frontman Richard Anaston is actually a good... Read more »

Gold Motel - "Cold Shoulders"

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Heya, I … :::stretch::: … apologize for not having a bunch of posts up here lately. Been kinda busy trying to not melt into my shoes and saving the garden from slow, brown death. Can’t salt that out of your veggies. I’ve been getting more and more emails from band reps lately — it’s kinda... Read more »