Something about nothing: preview 2013

Something about nothing: preview 2013
Next album: Alt-punk ballet


That was a chore, huh? A lot of stuff just happened.

We had some holidays, the new year, an election, recent Olympic games and even the flipping of the Mayan “Have we really been talking about this for, like, two years??” calendar. Whew.

But we’re back to that point, now, where we’re going to have to come up with our own stuff to talk about. Reflect on our own repetitive, NON-flame-thrower-wielding, beet-soup-hoarding, zombie-apocalyptic, lives and figure out what else there is to get excited about.

We just experienced a pretty great year for music. A stellar year for new bands. And this one looks to be no different, BUT instead, a few in-their-prime indie faves are up-to-bat.

Right from the start we get that Atoms For Peace project Thom Yorke, Flea and a few other dudes with less-cool names have been working on. The Ides then bring us new albums from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Vampire Weekend. Also, Beck says he’s going to release TWO albums this year, and quit just dickishly putting out sheet music for everyone to figure out.

Here’s a preview from Atoms For Peace, one from Vampire Weekend and one from Beck (originally written for a video game).

Here’s another picture of Karen O being nuts (and here’s a foxy one).

2013 is also expecting (expecting) new releases from Local Natives, Eels, Ra Ra Riot, Tegan and Sarah, Foals, Smashing Pumpkins (does a year pass that dude doesn’t release something?), Alice in Chains, The Black Keys (they drop a hella lot of tunes, too), Black Sabbath, Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age, The Strokes, The Vines and TOOL!

Damn, Maynard. We’ve been waiting for this one.

What else is happening?…

– It’ll be interesting to see if anyone can actually grab a tangible CD on the day of release ever again. With very few decent local record stores and Amazon charging you ten dollars and your soul to send it a week later, is music you hold in your hand actually done for?

– Pandora and the like make about a tenth of a penny for musicians per-play… But it seems to be the future. How’s that gonna pan out? The pay-what-you-want thing seems to work for some, and commercial jingles for others. Where does that leave indie, touring bands? Perpetually touring?

– Does Barry White have the most gigantic head ever?

Have fun, friends.

Rock and/or roll 2013.


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  • UPDATE: Yeah Yeah Yeah's next album (their fourth full? Not including two EPs..), will be called Mosquito and drop April 16th, 2013.

    Source -,90855/

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