New Music Monday: Beat Mark's debut album

We haven’t had a New Music Monday in a while, but something truly worthy of a triumphant return may be breezing over the horizon.

French band Beat Mark is set to drop their debut album Howls of Joy on February 19, 2013.

This lead single “Breeezing!” immediately struck me as an almost surf-rocking jam with an edge. It’s a track that grabs you immediately and sticks in your ear for later.

This band also caught the ear of Cornershop frontman Tjinder Singh while on a trip to Paris. Feeling that Western Europe of late has been missing jangling, retro, lo-fi rock energy, Singh promptly signed the two-guy, two-gal band to his label Ample Play.

I’m also digging this cool-as-school acoustic jam from the kids.

These guys have a bit of a “Google problem” this early in their career (as in, they have a long way to go to overcome “BEAT the MARKET” on any search engine), so keep them bookmarked, jotted in your notebook or at least in your good thoughts.

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