What's up with Kids These Days? (A free LP)

What's up with Kids These Days? (A free LP)
See that? That means fun inside.

I’m talking about Kids These Days: the local Chicago band who previously won the Congress Theatre’s Next Big Thing Competition (2009), rocked SXSW and Lollapalooza (2011) and performed on Conan when last he came to Chi-City (2012).

I kinda enjoy these guys. It’s a neat blend of raps, horn freakouts and sweet acoustic lyrics. The tunes boast all the energy you’d expect from a band of youths who are likely just now trying their first (legal) beers.

Maybe it’s just me (maybe I should ask them?), but things are a little quiet on the KTD front when you consider that they just released a full LPfor FREE.

Traphouse Rock dropped on October 30.

The music is available for preview and download at their website: Kidsthesedaysband.com (or send a SASE to.. Haha, no), where you’ll find that they’ve been on tour pretty extensively for a couple of months (call Conan!).

The strange thing, I guess, to me, is that I had to look it up to find out. Usually I have a way of hearing about these things.

The second strange thing (though I’ve always been a big advocate of this type of activity) is that the album is completely free.

There’s not even a donate-at-your-discretion option that other super-indie artists like M.O.O.N. are doing (dude said it’s helping get him get through college) and Radiohead and comedians like Louis CK have been pioneering.

The LP itself — Traphouse Rock — has its hits. You can hear star-powered help in the sound — produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, mixed by Mario C. (worked with the Beastie Boys) — but these kids have always been polished. I found just as many awesome hooks and refrains in the EP, but there are still some great singles here like the grinding and raging “Don’t Harsh My Mellow“, the slow, dark rap of “Who Do U-Luv” (“All I really wanna do lately is make you hate me”) and the chill Pixies jam “Doo-Wah“.

They’re young. They’ve released several awesomely-crafted songs. You can’t deny the kids have talent (they’d most def be cool to chill with). There’s mad flow and an ability to hook it. Ideally, it’s everything smart hip-hop and good indie rock should be — open. Wide open for sound.

But when it comes to just giving it away, I feel like an old man, wondering who all these youths in my lawn are.

Damn these kids. Damn them straight to my iTunes playlist.

(Love the hell outta this song from the EP, btw… –>)

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