M.O.O.N., YUZIMA and Sons of the West release three EPs

There are three previously-covered indie kids from across this weird country — specifically Boston, New York and Chicago — who have recently released new music. A couple of them self-release this stuff, so let’s get around the web and check it all out…


It seems like this Boston-area electronic musician is constantly either making new music or re-mixing it. He’s out (Sept. 1) with another 4-song EP called Particles and it’s available for a listen/download from the website: http://musicofthemoon.com/.

M.O.O.N. has been going by that pay-what-you-dig thing for a while and apparently it’s working. From Facebook: “Overall, around 1 out of every 6 people pay some amount for it, anywhere from $0.50 to that one dude that gave me $25.”

So thanks, Radiohead, for thinking of, like, EVERYTHING first.

This album strikes me as a bit darker, more driving and less bouncy than the last. The mix of sounds is unique once again, and doesn’t distract from a skillful weaving of beats. Good stuff. Great dance music. And great for the iPod.



YUZIMA is another dude who seems to be working constantly. And it comes through as music that’s obviously made with love. This New York artist just released a free EP called Powerful with three new songs (Oct. 16), including the singles “Powerful” and “Belief” (industrial and acoustic rock, respectively). Listen to this guy’s work and you’ll see how he uses his music “as a bullhorn to shout out his ideas to the world.” He asks us to question ourselves. Question the music. Question society. Hell yes.

YUZIMA also released a wonderful, Woody Guthrie-inspired election season tune called “Vote for Obama, Yeah” (and it supposedly has a hidden message)(I’ve also just posted it at the Jam Room’s Facebook page). This track is really fun with a great old-yet-modern studio sound. Everything YUZIMA does sounds different. Respect.

Here’s the website: http://www.yuzima.com/

And preview all the tracks over at Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/yuzima or grab the Powerful EP at iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, etc.


Sons of the West

This great young Chicago band just released I Will Never Be Your Friend (A Shot in the Back) (Sept. 27). The album may have finished while you were reading the title, so let’s go back for a listen…

“Call You Home” starts off with some jump like an Arctic Monkeys record, then rocks a mellow breakdown with sweet, sweet vocals. I’ve asked before if it’s possible that these guys could be the new, more conveniently located, Black Keys. This is readily apparent on “I Won’t Lie,” which has the blues grind and lament of a slower Keys song. The album continues a bit mellow, but doesn’t lose any of this grit.

Perhaps we shouldn’t always get ahead of ourselves with comparisons. Sons of the West is a very intriguing young band. Everything from the lyrics to the chops to the song arrangements show real ease with the music. I don’t mean to sound like an old man, but SOW songs like “Just a Ghost” are mature in their restraint (even the Arctic Monkeys were furiously tearing off their fingerprints on the second album). But I dig the burn-and-explode of “The Drip” and the finger-snapping attitude of “Walk Away” (the EP’s single).

I’m sensing some excellent live jamming here. And the tools are there to crank out a few hits. These guys play around the City (Lincoln Hall, Beat Kitchen, The Birds Nest), so go check that out.

Preview and grab the EP for $4 here: http://sonsofthewest.bandcamp.com/

And def check the facebook: www.facebook.com/SonsoftheWest


Support young indie bands!


[UPDATE: Sons of the West will be at Schuba’s on December 5]

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