Soundtrack A Surgery

Soundtrack A Surgery
Me at 25, not really worrying about surgery..

Hello, friends.

This is a scheduled post, as I am having surgery today. Probably right now.

It’s on my right hip, much like the one I had on the left side back in February. What I was diagnosed with is Avascular Necrosisbasically, the hip joint bone slowly becomes not-round-anymore, and flattens-out at the top (it breaks), causing tons of pain when sitting, weakness standing and making it impossible to walk distances. The basic reasoning is that it’s not getting enough blood flow.

My orthopaedic doctor (Dr. Mochel of OAD Orthopeadics is the man, btw) admitted that they often don’t know what causes this. Quite often people who’ve taken steroids get it, or chemo patients, but sometimes little kids with no family history of bone problems get it for seemingly no reason.

Apparently I share this affliction with Bo Jackson (ended his two-sport career), Andy Bell from the band Erasure (who had both hips replaced) and Brett Favre. That last one is amazing to me. The guy apparently suffered only minimal effects, like “limited flexibility” in the socket. He did, however, take a ton of pills at one point, right?

I remember my hip falling asleep after a long period of sitting (like your foot might after sitting awkwardly) as far back as my 25th birthday. It went away for a year. It came back. I had been a bowler my entire life — it would have been weird for my legs not to hurt by that point, right? And, of course, when you’re young you don’t know what to make of certain things (especially when you’ve never heard of them).

It’s all extremely weird, considering I’m still pretty young and generally healthy (I don’t catch colds, they have to catch me).

But, as 311 put it — “Nature has no conscience. No kindness OR ill-will.” 

Truth, brothers.

Teddy Roosevelt famously said “Do what you can. With what you have. Where you are.”

So, I’ve got no hockey or baseball to write about, but I do have a few guitars, a brand new mandolin to figure out, an internet and this blog. So you should certainly check back in as I recover (with the meds I’ll be on, it’s all sure to be hilarious).

Anyway, there are no rules for this Soundtrack A Surgery topic, just random words, lyrics…

Here’s the soundtrack:

1. Beta Band, “Needles in My Eyes”

2. Dandy Warhols, “Rest Your Head”

3. Grouplove, “Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten”

4. They Might Be Giants performing Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumper”

5. Hot Chip, “I Feel Better”

6. OKGo, “This Too Shall Pass”


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  • Hope the surgery went well, and the meds suffice! Get better! I voted your blog on Beach Boys, best post of month!

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    Thanks, bro, it went real well. They let me out in two days, as opposed to the four i stayed in the hospital last time. Now for a couple weeks of PT, alternated with extreme chillin'. And thanks for the vote. i can't believe that took 3rd. I knew i'd written something unique, but that doesn't always translate into popular ;-D

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    I am of the same opinion as you do, if you consider that the man can say the same respect as you...

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