Garbage rises above the '90s resurgence

So very many staples of the ’90s decided it’d be a good time to make a comeback this year — from Candlebox, Counting Crows, Creed and The Cranberries to Eve 6, The Offspring and Limp Bizkit (if you wanna count them as ’90s (or as anything)). Alice in Chains is even rumored to be working on something.

As a former teenager of the ’90s, I’ve listened intently to a lot of it. Some of these bands re-explored their classic sound (The Offspring), some gave way to cheesy pop versions of themselves (Eve 6) and some… yeah, I’m still not gonna listen to Creed.

But one band seems to have picked up, pushed on and created a sound that vibes nicely with what’s going on today — Garbage, with their new album Not Your Kind of People.

Sure that video up there for “Big Bright World” could be described as not terribly groundbreaking rock-electro-pop, but I’ve gotta say, I’ve listened to it multiple times now (mostly out of sheer surprise) and I’m still digging it. I see the wisdom and enthusiasm of career musicians still willing to riff and crash cymbals, rather than Matthew McConaughey outside the gym picking up high school girls (that’s Limp Bizkit). These cats are doing what they want without fear of consequence. And the result is Garbage 2.0.

A few other new tunes, like “Blood for Poppies,” sound a bit brighter than the moody Garbage hits of past, yet aren’t that different. Opening track “Automatic Systematic Habit” has a bit of a club vibe (the YouTube crowd seems to love it). The title track is a cool, wispy, singalong ballad.

I guess crafting a style that fits right in at any time should be no surprise, considering drummer Butch Vig’s history of producing epic records. And the still-foxy Shirley Manson doesn’t seem the type to front any cheesy girly band just for the hell of it.

In fact, if you think about it, Garbage was kind of different when they came out way back when amidst all the flannel and feedback. They were always kind of poking fun at the radio scene.

Looks like they’ve found a home. Rock on, Garbage.


[ *Note: Artists that have always kind of been around like Green DaySmashing Pumpkins and Fiona Apple don’t count in this discussion (and all of their recent releases were, unsurprisingly, pretty cool.) ]


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  • Oh... Almost forgot No Doubt. Their new stuff ("Push and Shove")is, um, bouncy. Like Gwen continued her solo career with a caffinated reggae band behind her.

  • Just realized that this might be a Killers song if Brandon Flowers was singing it.....

  • Yes,this is really good. I was burnt on them for awhile, so this is a nice change. That new No Doubt tune is great, man do I dig that tune!

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