Lost and Found: Harlem Shakes' Technicolor Health

We’ve been talking a lot about Alabama Shakes around here. So fellow CN blogger Cut Out Kid pointed me in the direction of another band — Harlem Shakes.

And now I’m angry.

Why am I angry? According to Wikki (and their general musical output) this band put out exactly one critically acclaimed album in 2009 — Technicolor Health — and then promptly broke up.

“Critically acclaimed” be damned — the two songs below will make your day. This band sounds like what The Strokes should sound like now (with a shaker of Vampire Weekend sprinkled over top and served in a hookah bar).

Why did they break up? No clue. And everything I’ve read says little of any new projects (the axe man produces music under the moniker Arms).

There are lots of bands we have little output from due to personal tragedy, but the music of Jimi, Kurt and Bradley’s 40 oz. to Freedom can still satisfy us by standing the test of time. Hell, even The Beatles didn’t last as long as we’d have dug.

Harlem Shakes seemed really together, though, the arrangements are tight and the music is bright. And I’m left with no explanation. (This interview points out they are “Five quite different dudes,” but still looks forward to a next album.)

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised — my own band Adjust lasted only a few years and was still growing creatively when we disbanded. I’ve yet to find jammers like those guys since (crazy as we were).

Hell, a few of us still travel across the country to jam once a year in The Annual Jam Band.

Musicians are mad scientists (and often drunk scientists). Love it while you got it and love what you’re getting out of it. Cause it could blow at any moment…

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