New Music Monday (Tues edition): Good Old War, Come Back as Rain album review

This band has actually been around since 2008, but… that’s still pretty new. If you’d had a kid then, you wouldn’t be tired of it yet, would you? A cat, maybe.

Regardless. The cool thing about Good Old War (besides the music and rockin hair) is that the band name comes from the members’ surnames: Keith GOODwin, Tim ArnOLD and Dan SchWARtz.

As a guy wholly obsessed with finding the perfect name for any future bands of my own, I hate to think that I (BRADley) might have to wait for Joanna NEWsom and Rick CONFLICTowski to come along before getting anything going.

Good Old War’s new album Come Back as Rain dropped on March 6th and can actually be listened to in-full at their website: It is their third album already.

When you hear about a folksy, guitar-based band that harmonizes you pretty much start thinking CSNY or the music police show up to arrest you (stupid music police. Why did we even hire them?). But this record is decidedly more upbeat than that whole school.

The songs are less about listening to three part harmonies trail off into the night and more about finger-picking a sing-along chorus (“It Hurts Every Time”). In the opening tune “Over and Over” the notes roll along like a Keller Williams jam. Some piano creeps into “Amazing Eyes” to underscore a pretty sweet folk ballad.

This is still a very chill indie folk album. It sounds traditional at times — there is nary an electric ax rocked and the lyrics are simple and catchy — but it is full of fun surprises like random accordion jams and this little song right here (above video).

* I award this record 4.75 strings on the 6-string Jam Room system: hell yeah guys. I dig your style…. And I love this damn song (“Loud Love”)! The tracks on this album put me at ease, yet keep me awake. The voices are endearing. Folk rock at its near best. *


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  • Have listened to this song over and over. Their folk treads the balance of gorgeous, tight harmonies rocking a nice, loose attitude. Can't stop digging this.

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