Eve 6 new single "Victoria" leads another '90s boom

We are all suddenly Billy Pilgrim in Slaughterhouse-Five — unstuck in time — waking up never knowing what decade we’re in. What wars are we fighting? Which bands are we poking fun at now?

Beauty and the Beast and Titanic are the big draws in theaters. Some stiff guy in a suit is running for President and…

On April 24th Eve 6 is releasing their fourth album, Speak in Code.

(It’s still 2012, btw, Vonnegut was just messing with you.)

Oh, that’s not all: Counting Crows, The Cranberries, Fiona Apple (yay!) and Limp Bizkit are also all back after long hiatuses. Creed has made up and is touring again. Also — get this — Candlebox.

Candlebox! (Seriously, did they lose a bet?)

I’m not here to give artists a hard time just for trying. In fact, I’ve enjoyed many of these bands at one point or another. But — setting musical relevance completely aside — there has got to be some sort of sliding-scale involving time away over potential audience.

Otherwise why keep the name? Why not start a new product and leave that legacy alone?

Take this Eve 6 song. It’s fine. Sounds like second album-era Eve 6.

It’s not breaking new ground. So is there a market for it? (AC/DC has been writing the same six songs for 35 years, so…)

Now when I was 17, the guys and I were all huge fans of Eve 6’s debut album. (I still break it out occasionally.) We took a limo to one of their shows at the Metro, moshed until we were deaf and blue and my friend Joe even caught dude’s drumsticks after the gig.

But even I didn’t listen to their last album (which was their third in 2003. I did like the second, 2000’s Horrorscope).

So… Putting out a fourth album in 2012, when your hardcore fans weren’t even interested in you nine years ago?….

Are these power-pop-rocking 34-year-olds going for new fans among the Glee crowd?

I hope it’s good. Really. It lifted my heart last year when 311’s Universal Pulse rocked. Everyone loves a good comeback story at least as much as the tragic collapse (unless it’s Creed. You suck!).

The only one of these new records I would bet on, though, is Fiona Apple’s.

…And here is the artwork, track-list and a live performance of “Valentine” from that (courtesy of Pitchfork.com).

The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do (yep) is due out June 26.


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  • My girlfriend now informs me that Garbage, too, has new music that sounds similar to the old stuff.

  • Yeah dude, that's pretty bad. It would be cool if they reinvented themselves, but it's nothing new, maybe even worse. 311 kicks ass, but Limp Bizkit may no longer be relevant:)?

  • fb_avatar

    You Suck!

  • In reply to Robert Hildebrand:

    I've received more angry tweets and responses to this blog than any by far, which is just too amusing, since I don't even take a very strong stance in any direction. My big offense? Let's go over what i said: I USED to be a BIG fan of Eve 6, didn't listen to their third album (I was in grad school then, living without cable and, for a while, without internet. That's why I must have missed it, btw) and that i don't like this one song, but HOPE THAT THE ALBUM IS GOOD. And this guy above is a great example of what i keep getting.

    What does it accomplish? Nothing. Am i angry? No. Am i even annoyed. Not at all. I'm a little amused by the viciousness aimed at a blogger they claim "sucks" and doesn't even matter. What a waste of time, then, right? Even if they began with the goal of changing my mind about Eve 6, this showing of attitude by their most rabid of fans might shy me away from giving a crap about the band in the future (not because i'm frightened.. But because morons tend to gather around moronic things. And since they don't wanna listen. Why bother?).

    I'll give an example: a 311 fan (myself) would respond to hate by sending a link to a 311 deep cut that the offender might like. An Eve 6 fan rambles nonsense about sucking and how much you suck.

    Whateves, dude. Rock on in your way.

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    I've listened to the 2 new songs I can find on the internet and in one He's giving a kiss off to either his brother or a important bandmate. You are a troll or an idiot, but either way you just blow. Kill yourself.

  • In reply to Robert Hildebrand:

    Thanks for reading! I'm gonna leave your comments up because they are hilarious and pretty much the same dumb things every Eve 6 fan has tweeted me. An extremely defensive crowd, btw. Doesn't take criticism well. Perhaps we can all have a rational discussion about music one day when they all finally grow up. (Your definition of "troll" way off, btw, but I do agree that murder is one answer for them.)

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