Side Projects Week closes with a song... or four live ones

Side Projects Week has been a blast. Thanks for playing.

Here’s a best of the rest (that I can think of real quick)…

* Jenny and Johnny
Jenny Lewis was in Rilo Kiley. Johnathan Rice was just kinda doing his thing out in the desert. They started dating and, well.. This is actually their main project now. I think the album might have caught on more had they not put the best 5 or 6 songs at the end. But you’re gonna have to find them for yourself (I suggest “Committed” and “New Yorker Cartoon” if you do), cause here’s the duo performing a song that’s obviously not theirs…


* The Elected
Speaking of Rilo Kiley. This band was always R.K. co-leader Blake Sennett’s little project (I’ll name my son after him one day. But only because they’d take me to jail if I named a kid 311 (and they’d be right)). ┬áThe Elected were always a little more chill than Rilo. Seems like, without the bass and drums propelling him forward, Mr. Sennett is content to pluck out some guitar ambiance, combine with a few bird chirps and… it actually all goes pretty well with his serene voice.


* Thom Yorke
I really have no clue why this dude would ever need a side project. He has so much creative control over his band that if he wanted to perform every show on sitar and in neon spandex while swinging from a trapeze over the audience they’d most likely let him (as long as the check’s in the mail, I assume). Maybe he just needed some time alone. The album sounded like some upbeat Radiohead to me. Here’s a pretty trippy performance…


* Broken Social Scene
From what I understand this band is the side project of about every musician in Canada when they’re not busy, you know, running from bears. It was started by two guys and sometimes has upwards of 19 members (and its own fire department and a Denny’s somewhere in back by the drums). I don’t know much about them.. but look at all those guitars… That’s jamming!

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