Review: Virtue Cider's Rosé

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It’s your girl, Mz. Jae checking in with a phenomenal review of Virtue Cider’s latest addition to their arsenal of hard ciders: The Rose’.

roseListen, Rosé flavored drinks are trending for this spring and summer, so you will see a lot of options out there. Different brands, derivatives, pairings, but this trend is one that gives the “Sophisticated Drinker” another option to wine or beer. So be clear, you’ve heard it here… fifth or sixth.

“Rosé pours with the light pink of spring apple blossoms, with bright floral notes and hints of fresh-picked apple, grapefruit peel, and green strawberry. The finish is clean and dry, with just a slight tartness,” according to the March 1 press release from Fennville, Michigan-based Virtue Cider. This cider is crisp, clean and honestly gives you the feeling of drinking a dry blush wine. This Rosé cider (6.7% ABV) was created with a botanical mixture that includes sage, and hibiscus, as well as all kinds of locally grown Michigan including Jonathans, Golden Russet, McIntosh, Winesap, Ida Red, and Northern Spy. Impressive! virtue_cider-1024x1024

Let me paint the picture. It’s early summer, early afternoon with the weather boasting 81 degrees. You are hosting brunch with a few friends. You’ve whipped up (or paid the caterer) brioche French toast, egg white muffins with chorizo and Roquefort cheese, fresh berries and melons kissed with mint, and a perfectly seasoned and dressed cucumber salad. A regular mimosa would be insulting. Instead, you effortlessly display Virtue Cider’s Rosé in Bordeaux glasses with raspberry garnish. Yesssss, Hunty! That’s how you do it! Not only will your guests be impressed, but it is an overdue break from the norm.

18767-vcr_12can_3dVirtue Cider’s Rosé is a welcomed staple into any sophisticated entertaining depository. This light botanical blend of apples and spices mixes together ready to party for brunch, lunch, dinner or sitting at the backyard barbecue. Make no mistake, this Rosé is delicate but packs a punch. Do not underestimate the plump bite of these apples. This Rose’ is unapologetically forward and delicious.


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