Hey JaeListers! It’s your resident “Sophisticated Drinker”, Mz. Jae about to put you up on that latest and greatest in adult beverages. (As if you didn’t already know)

Unless, you’ve been under a rock or detoxing, then you are aware ofbb2 BuzzBallz. BuzzBallz are adult beverages packed in colorful containers, that are stackable, float in water, freezer friendly and recyclable. Not to mention that they pack a nice, mean, aggressive punch (wink, wink). We owe this wonderful innovation to former High School teacher, Merrilee Kick, who thought of this brilliance while sitting poolside. BuzzBallz have been around since 2010 and now have a plethora of products and flavors that should be included in every backyard barbecue, house warming, wedding, birthday party, cleaning up on Saturday, coming home Monday events.

bbb2BuzzBallz now has the audacity and gall to add Biggies to their menu. What are Biggies you ask?  Biggies are 1.75 Liters of a premixed cocktail and the equivalent to 8 BuzzBallz . Yes, I said 8! As of today, they are available in Chocolate Tease, Stiff Lemonade, and Tequila ‘Rita. Now available in NorCal, SoCal, Vegas, NY, IL, ND, SC, and FL. According the BuzzBallz Instagram account, they are working hard to get them into every state. bbb1

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to sample the Tequila Rita Biggie with a friend over dinner. Normally, I would bring a bottle of wine to a friend’s home, but this was a nice change. Honestly, a pleasant interruption to shake up typical habits. This premixed cocktail was strong and gentle. Subtle. We ate, laughed, poured, and poured some more. We only added ice. Nothing more.

This is definitely a welcomed libation that pairs well with most events including day parties, late brunches, barbecues, etc. Make no mistake that a premixed cocktail is no mess and no stress. Sugar-rimmed glasses and a few garnishes will always up the sophistication level, but will only serve as additional accoutrement to a complete tipple.

bb1Go grab them. Now. Hurry





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