The Jae List: Five Tips on How to Survive a Facebook Fight

The Jae List: Five Tips on How to Survive a Facebook Fight

Hey JaeListers!

It’s your resident know it all, guru of what’s in and out, and lover of life, Mz. Jae. I wanted to share with you my Five Tips on Howto Survive a Facebook Fight. Now, most recently I got into a minor tiff on Facebook with someone I don’t really know. I posted a status, they made I comment and “LET’S GET READY TO RUMMMMMBBBBLLLLLEEE!”

Now, I’m usually calm and collected. I like to laugh and have fun.. all day. However, the one thing that will make me give you “The Rock” eyebrow (You are still the People’s champ, Dwayne Johnson!) is condescension. It’s unnecessary and just mean spirited. Also, you can’t make a comment and then say “no shade.” Ummmm…Yeah. SHADE to the tenth power. It’s like someone hitting you in the eye and as you stand there holding your eye in place, they say “my bad.” No. Flag on the play. Bad Form. Unsportsman-like conduct. Whack!

But here are Five Tips on how to Survive a Facebook Fight.

1. Do Not Block the person you are fighting. This is a battle of whits and one-liners. Use the “block” as a last resort. Blocking immediately only sends the signal that you can’t hang so use it wisely. FJ

2. State Facts. Argue the argument. Don’t bring up past post or past situations. Stay focused. Stay the course. This is not about what they posted 10 weeks ago in a private chat. This is about the here and now.

3. Draw A Line. When the smoke clears, you have to sleep at night. Never become a bully. Keep that imaginary line in view. Look at it. See it. Get close to it. NEVER cross it. Even if you delete the comment, you can never guarantee who saw it and screenshot it. FH

4. Set A Time Limit. If this beef is going on for hours and preventing you from doing other things because you are waiting for the next comment- log off. Its hard to argue with someone who isn’t saying anything or making any comments. Time is something that you can never get back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. In the immortal words of Drake, “… be made that I gave this some attention.”

5. Make your next post, your best post. After it is all said and done, Social Media is pretty damn dope. No need to take a hiatus because you have a escalated argument. You have a few friends that will like whatever your post, so make it good.


What did I learn: I learned that when social media beefs happen, you become the topic of conversation, but not in a good way. People will read every comment, laugh at every dig, but look at you as if you are the social pariah of society. All of the positive things your said, funny quotes you’ve typed mean nothing. You name will be the punchline of their jokes with friends. Your name will now be a verb instead of a noun.

Disagreements will happen. We are all different so our thought processes aren’t the same, neither are our experiences. In the future, I will attempt to avoid social media conflicts, but I take no experience for granted.


That’s my two cents!




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