The Jae List: Get Fit in Miami! Miami Fitness & Boxing Club

The Jae List: Get Fit in Miami! Miami Fitness & Boxing Club

Hey JaeListers!

It’s your resident Diva giving you an update on what’s great in Chicago!

So it’s SPRING! FINALLY!!! The weather is changing. We are shedding our layers, brightening our colors and making moves. Come closer… closer… closer…. Ummm, you’ve gained a few pounds during winter break. I hate to tell you, but rather me tell you than a stranger. BUT, it is not too late! It’s just March and you have a few months to get rid of the kangaroo pouch just in time for Summer 2016 ((insert Drakes voice )). The meteorologist (lying bastards!) are predicting a hot and humid summer in Chicago so you want to wear the bare minimum. Tank tops, shorts, mini skirts, Daisy Dukes, crop tops, sundresses and the like. Nothing is worse than being stuck in jeans or capris all summer because you didn’t do the work in spring. So I’ve got a solution for you!


Miami Fitness and Boxing Club is ran by the dynamic duo, Larry and Brittany Ellis in Chicago Heights, Illinois. Just a few minutes outside of Chicago, but well worth the drive. This workout will shake up the experienced athlete, but not overwhelm the beginner. Think about it: Boxing is a solo sport. It’s not a team effort. It’s just you and your ability. Boxing conditioning deals with cardio, strength training, core training and coordination. You’ve got to coordinate! Everything you need to be slim and sexy and ripped and rugged. Boxing also promotes overall health. You’re not just lifting weights or running endless miles on a treadmill. It’s a total body workout! You don’t need to go to Miami and hire a trainer. Keep it local and keep it tight at Miami Fitness and Boxing Club. Listen to this testimonial:

I had the opportunity to check out an evening class. The facility, located at 189 West Joe Orr Road- Chicago Heights, is cozy and intimate. They wrapped my hands and the “warm up” began. Increasing my heart rate to uptempo music with a timer that helped you stay engaged yet, conscious of the muscles that you haven’t worked in forever. Cardio, bag work, ring work, strength training, and core training all packed into a non-stop hour. Drenched with sweat but invigorated is the best way I can describe it. It was fun and far from boring.


So here’s the skinny (Pun intended):

Miami Fitness and Boxing Club- 189 West Joe Orr Road, Chicago Heights, IL. One hour classes, open Monday thru Saturday, $15 for Drop-In classes, $35 special (this week) for 1 week of classes, Herbal Life Shakes available, Personal training available, Meal plans available, Fitness consultation, kids days are Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm and Saturday at 10am and 1pm. Classes are for novices and experts. Great for couples getting in shape or staying in shape as well as families. Payments accepted via Cash or Paypal. Please visit their website at for additional information.



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