"The JAE List" Review: House Music Priority at The Promontory

Hey Peeps!

It’s ya girl, Mz. Jae, checking in with my review of ” The House Priority at The Promontory.”

First, let me give you a little background. The Hyde Park area has received a MAJOR overhaul in the last few years, boasting over 15 new businesses to the area. Hyde Park was the “it” area in the 1990’s because it was cool, eclectic and full of culture. However, in recent years the area was on a steady decline, mostly due to the spiraling economy.  [Fast Foward]  Now, the area has been revamped, thanks mostly to The University of Chicago, for buying and leasing everything in sight. Hyde Park now is home to businesses like Chipotle, Native Foods, LA Fitness (Signature Club), Ulta, Akira and The Promontory.

The Recon

promontoryThe Promontory is Hyde Park’s latest acquisition. This Restaurant/Bar is the epitome of cool. This rustic, open space is something that you would expect to see in Lincoln Park or Wicker Park. This space is so modern with exposed brick walls, rectangular bar and outside deck, overlooking Lake Park. The Promontory will definitely give The Shrine a run for it’s money. From Baked Alaska to Banana Pudding, they got it! The restaurant boasts “hearthy cuisine” that ignites the taste buds of any budding foodie. Not just bar food, good food. We are talking about Chicago.. A Foodie’s Dream Town. This venue is a very welcomed addition to the South Side of Chicago.

The Event

“House Priority at the Promontory” is every third Thursday of the Month, featuring a host of House Dj’s spinning the best in House Music. The Facebook event generated a lot of buzz and featured over 600 people attending. WOWZERS! That’s pretty good considering there is always something to do or see here in our fair city. Doors were set to open at 8pm sharp and stay open until 2am. [Side Note] I don’t know who parties until 2am on a Thursday?? LOL.

My Take

20140731_213845 I arrived at the event around 9:30ish (Of course I had to make an entrance!).  The Promontory has access to two parking lots, however, I didn’t want to run the risk of getting blocked in so I parked on 53rd street (near Cornell) and spent all of $1.00 on parking (you only pay until 10pm- Yeah Me!). The night air was wonderful, not a cloud in sight and I could hear the chatter and music as I made my way down the block. Strolling past the entrance of Akira, I just followed the other beautiful people to the side entrance, where three friendly men stood. “Welcome and enjoy” the man stated, as he held the door for me. I walked into a bright entrance, with Chalkboard walls that read “The Promontory.” Up a long flight of industrial stairs, past the hand stamp and ID check and I WAS IN! The thump of the music was great but not overbearing. At 9:30pm, there were roughly, 300+ people in the building. Not a white tee or gladiator sandal in sight! YES! This crowd was the upper echelon, the cream on the crop- No Fights Tonight! Peace in the City!


I made my way to the deck, where there were a couple of tables and loose chairs around. My people were already socializing, politicking and being all around amazing. I darted to the bar. THE BAR. Well, they were completely understaffed for this event. That is my only negative. Honestly, about 4-5 bartenders attempting to accommodate a growing crowd of 300+, that clearly came to drink and be seen. While waiting, I chopped it up with 2 ladies about the venue. They were locals who had not heard about the event via social media, but by happenstance. After chatting for 7-8 minutes or so, a bartender finally took my order-  2 drinks: Hennessy and Cranberry & Amaretto Stone Sour, $14. I’m impressed. 20140731_213600

I made my way back to my peeps and sat in the night air. I saw an eclectic bunch of characters, all dressed to impress, trying hard not to impress, but still be impressive- if that makes sense. No House music played on the deck, but I imagine that you don’t want to rub your new neighbors the wrong way. Just a deck full of conversations, cheek kisses of people you weren’t expecting to see and stories being born.

Special Nudge: It’s House Baby! Gear, 365 Entertainment and Tim Miller.

Overall, I give this event 4.5 “J’s,” which equates to a dope event that I definitely will check out again. 



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