Major League Baseball Champagne Celebrations for Playoff Clinching are Stupid

As the Major League Baseball season marches to its conclusion, I’d like to point out to anyone associated with the MLB the fact that champagne celebrations for clinching the playoffs is stupid.

I think it’s safe to say that all sports fans enjoy a good championship celebration. It can bring out smiles, hugs, laughter and tears as you sit on your couch or lazy boy and watch your heroes act like little boys or girls after winning a title. But, one thing I don’t understand and, if I was a manager wouldn’t allow, are the champagne celebrations that take place when a Major League Baseball team clinches a playoff spot, whether through a wild card berth or winning a division.

While all professional sports championships seem to end in the aforesaid joyous clubhouse or locker room champagne party, baseball is the only sport where the booze is cracked out just for qualifying for the post-season and for when a team moves on in the playoff process.

What is the rationale for non-championship festivities? How do you justify celebrating when your job isn’t complete? I have no answer.

Looking at this metaphorically, if a corporation is battling to be chosen to deliver services and finds itself among 4 other bidders for those services, would someone look at the team sideways if they threw a victory party for being down-selected as a finalist? “Hey, we’ve got a chance to win … let’s put on goggles and pour beer and champagne on each other!!!” Makes no sense.

So many managers, coaches, and players are quoted throughout the year saying something like, “Our goal is to win the World Series, nothing else. I’m not interested in personal, only team goals. Making the playoffs would be nice, but we are here to win a championship.”

Baseball loves its own history and these celebrations have always been part of the “fabric of the game” which is what the guardians of the game will tell you. (The same people who see Javy Baez’ reactions as an encroachment on the purity of the game.)

Maybe the television networks are making money selling commercials during the post-game booze party, or just going for the hilarious moment when a television reporter gets doused with goggles on. Haha.

Stop the parties already. They are dumb. I’d rather wait for a good World Series winning beer shower.

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