Fashion Film Festival Chicago announces 2014 winning film selections

Fashion Film Festival Chicago announced today the names of the winning submissions from its 2014 festival and competition. Submissions were received from four continents, from filmmakers with varying perspectives on the beauty, skill and craft that informs both the fashion industry and the genre of fashion film.  The top prize was presented to Josh Brandao for his film “Blackened Wings”. Second place went to Bruno Carvalho for his film “DUO”. Third place went to Umeokafor Kenechukwu for “Control (Fashion Film)”. Honor mentions were received by Hayley MacFarlane for her film “Harmony” and Alejandro Melero for “Océano”. The Essence of Fashion award was given to Jaime Schirmer for her film “Her Forgotten Act” and the Fashion Conscience award was presented to Glen MacKay’s “See Me Now”. View these award winning selections at Fashion Film Festival Chicago

medaille d'argent award Medaille de bronze award fashion essence award fashion conscience award coupe d'or award oceano honor medal honor award harmony.


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    Very Excited for SEE ME NOW.
    Good choice ;)

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