Cobar's Erupted Love launches at Chicago's Fashion Week

Cobar's Erupted Love launches at Chicago's Fashion Week
Cobar Collection's Erupted Love

Chicago designer, Wanda Cobar has an unparalleled dedication to her craft. Since arriving on the scene, she has consistently dazzled the runway with a finesse that sizzles as it captivates. Once again, she does not disappoint. This fall, Cobar unveils a deeply moving corset collection called Erupted Love.

The source for Cobarʼs Erupted Love springs from the abbreviated, yet exalted life of her muse, Antonia Berrios. Cobar was often inspired by Berriosʼ poetic philosophy of reaching for ones highest goals. Berriosʻ encouraging voice pushed Cobar to “go beyond [her] fear and keep following [her] dreams.” The two traveled together to the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala. Reaching the top of this daunting, active volcano was the metaphor for life that Berrios frequently shared — journeying beyond the fear that harkens is the only route to the beauty that awaits.

The loss of any love, as with the loss of Cobarʼs best friend and muse, brings forth an eruption of emotion that has been characterized throughout time as a deeply, wrenching experience. This intense occurrence is the tenor beneath Cobar Collectionʼs 2012 line. The collection is a deeply moving expression of soul wrenching passion combined with the pain of irreplaceable loss. Capturing this energy and translating it into wearable expression is the central goal and theme of Erupted Love.

For this collection, Cobar uses a brocade that mimics the character and composition of volcanic lava, while possessing a distinct undertone of flora — delicately representing the life-giving force of nature. Cobar makes purposeful use of lenticular plastic — a material that has a cool 3D effect which simulates the movement and flow of lava. Additionally, her deliberate use of zippers with heart-shaped pulls, inside of which are hearts with wings – angel wings – serves as a quiet, sweet dedication to Berrios. The complexity of the collection is tribute to the unpredictability of nature and life. Cobar integrates “colors, shapes, and textures [that] are meant to conflict, but [yet] come together in a peaceful harmony, [all] at the same time”.

Itʼs no accident that Cobar will unveil her Erupted Love collection on the day of love, Sweetest Day, in a magnificent runway event in Fashion Forward!, The Fashion Marketʼs Fashion Focus 2012 event.

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  • Charles! I absolutely love your blog!! You have the gift of writing because you wrote exactly what I was feeling!! as I am best at expressing my feelings thru my art. So THANK YOU!! and much love to you XOXO!!

  • Wanda you are absolutely so talented I know that Antonia is looking from the heavens up above down at you and saying you go girl your clothing line is just beautiful and your dedication to her is even more beautiful you're an inspiration to us all keep up the great and beautiful work and I'm hoping to be your muse for your male clothing line...

    Hugs and kisses
    And I'm sending you much love from California


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