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Talk Isn't Cheap: Why "Windy City Live" Got Cancelled

After 10 years on the air, “Windy City Live” is coming to an end. According to a leaked e-mail on Robert Feder’s site, the show will air its last weekday program on Friday, September 3. (It’s going to be a long Labor Day weekend for that staff.) Since the pandemic shutdown last year, the show... Read more »

Cheryl Burton Visits Windy City Live

When the producers of WLS-TV’s “Windy City Live” can’t find the right guest, they use the cheapest alternative possible:¬† their own on-air talent. Earlier this month, they had veteran Ron Magers as a guest to promote his work outside the newsroom–which ironically involved more news. Now, they have brought on Mr. Magers’ afternoon co-anchor Cheryl... Read more »

Windy City Live Celebrates 6 Months

Six months ago, I wasn’t so sure that WLS-TV’s “Windy City Live” program would still be around past the fall. The show premiered in the coveted 9 A.M. local time spot just one day after its predecessor “The Oprah Winfrey Show” ended a 25 year run. But now, I think the show will make it... Read more »

Windy City Live Plans Ahead

This morning’s episode of WLS-TV’s “Windy City Live” program will not be live, but it will be new. According to their Facebook page, the producers are holding a planning meeting today to discuss what to do with the show. It’s rare that a TV show would publicize something like that. Usually, the editorial meeting is... Read more »