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Talk Isn't Cheap: Why "Windy City Live" Got Cancelled

After 10 years on the air, “Windy City Live” is coming to an end. According to a leaked e-mail on Robert Feder’s site, the show will air its last weekday program on Friday, September 3. (It’s going to be a long Labor Day weekend for that staff.) Since the pandemic shutdown last year, the show... Read more »

Saving Chicago's Black Media Market

My family members and friends give me strange looks when I pick up a Chicago Defender newspaper. A few years back, the historic publication changed to a weekly format for its print version–but it is still published online everyday. Unfortunately, there is so much competition online for news that a lot of  African-Americans frequent gossip... Read more »

Integrating Print With Online News

Chicago could be a “paperless” city by 2015…or sooner. Digital media is saving trees instead of jobs, while operators of the printing press brace themselves for pink slips instead of front pages. And pretty soon, a hard copy of a newspaper could become a collector’s item. If you think I’m being a little too cautious,... Read more »

Chicago Radio Needs Urban Comedy

Everybody’s got an opinion, but folks might not want to hear it. That’s one of the reasons why talk radio is not as appealing to me as news. Between the hosts and call-in guests speaking entirely too long, it seems like talk formats become gripe sessions. It’s okay to share your views but please keep... Read more »

Chicago's Need for FM Talk

When you think about talk radio in Chicago, the AM frequency usually comes to mind. It’s been said (and written) that news and talk saved AM radio. Music sounds awful on stations like Inspiration 1390 AM and would be a better fit on the FM dial. But it would behoove us to see how much... Read more »

Urban PR's New Guru

Christi Harber is the brand behind the brands. Ms. Harber is the proprietor of “Christi With An Eye” PR firm and one of the better PR professionals in the urban lifestyle genre of local news. If there is a big event featuring Chicago’s notable African-Americans, chances are that Ms. Harber has some dealings with or... Read more »

The Fresh Prince of WGN-TV

Frank Holland is coming to Channel 9 next month for the early morning 4 a.m. news. He’s no Will Smith. But just like Smith’s TV character,  Holland is “West Philadelphia born and raised.” [On the playground is where he spent most of his days…] Brother Holland comes from the mean streets of Detroit, so he... Read more »

Does Local TV News Lack Diversity?

Today we learned that WGN-TV anchor Allison Payne will be leaving next month after 21 years at the station. Payne’s impending departure has left some to ponder about whether Channel 9 will choose her replacement based more on diversity or qualifications. I think it’s a sensitive issue for news managers to address but a necessary... Read more »

Crisis Management at Channel 2

WBBM-TV (CBS 2 Chicago) is continuing to “feel the heat” after a controversial video from a June broadcast went viral this weekend. In the video, a 4 year old boy is interviewed about violence in his neighborhood and taken out of context  when he says “I’m gon’ have me a gun.” Now, the station is... Read more »

Channel 2 Tries Something New

CBS 2 Chicago (WBBM-TV) might be having ratings problems, but the station nevers stops trying promotion ideas. Earlier this year, I participated in the station’s wildly popular (and somewhat controversial) Traffic Tryout competition. I was one of 68 semi-finalists chosen from a pool of nearly 700 and my day at the station was good. But... Read more »