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WVON's Talent Shuffle

Johnny “Koolout” Starks is leaving WVON-AM (1690) after 3 years but he will still be there in spirit. (Just not physically) That’s because he will air his popular “Kool Out Radio” show from New Bern, North Carolina– where his new full-time gig is. According to Larz at Chicagoland Radio and Media, Starks will be the... Read more »

Chicago's Best Independent News

Some of the best news in Chicago is not shown on TV. But that doesn’t mean local affiliates are slipping. In fact, a lot of TV reporters and producers look to independent media outlets for guidance when producing a story. Just 2 weeks ago, NBC 5 Chicago (WMAQ-TV) announced that it would be partnering with... Read more »

Integrating Print With Online News

Chicago could be a “paperless” city by 2015…or sooner. Digital media is saving trees instead of jobs, while operators of the printing press brace themselves for pink slips instead of front pages. And pretty soon, a hard copy of a newspaper could become a collector’s item. If you think I’m being a little too cautious,... Read more »

Violence & The Chicago Media (Part 2)

Great minds think alike. I thought I was the only one concerned about how violence is covered in the local media, but Poynter Institute is on the same page with me. Today, Al Tompkins wrote an eye-opening piece about how one station made a huge mistake last month by interviewing a 4 year old at... Read more »

Violence & The Chicago Media (Part 1)

The old cliche in newsrooms is: If It Bleeds, It Leads. For those living outside Chicago’s “warzones”, that expression seems rather clever.  For those of us living in “Little Beirut”, “Out West”, “The Wild Hunids” or “Chi-raq”, there’s nothing funny about a rhyming catchphrase that seems to make light of inner-city plight. And that is... Read more »

Did CNN Snub Local Talent?

CNN just named Ted Rowlands as the new Chicago correspondent, according to TVNewser . It’s been almost 3 years since the network axed Christian “Fuzz” Hogan as Midwest Bureau Chief, then shifted its structure to have Chicago report to its Los Angeles region chief. [That made about as much sense as having the Minnesota Timberwolves... Read more »

Chicago's Unsung Journalists

Some of the best journalists in our city are rarely seen on TV screen. They are newspaper reporters, radio hosts, photographers,  producers and editors and every one in between. But most people immediately think of a TV anchor or reporter when the word “journalist” comes to mind. Thankfully, I’m here to hip you to some... Read more »