Fran Spielman Turns Prosecutor in Lightfoot Interview

In her latest interview, Fran Spielman puts Mayor Lori Lightfoot on the witness stand. To her chagrin, Lightfoot wasn’t taking the bait on Spielman’s intrusive questioning. For the first 3 minutes of the interview, Spielman grills Lightfoot about Supt. Johnson as if she were in the car next to him.  Twenty years ago, that kind of... Read more »

Where Are Chicago's Black Male TV Anchors?

One black man out, another black man in. Just one week axing Derrick Young, CBS 2 Chicago (WBBM-TV) is putting another “brotha” on the anchor desk. That “brotha” is Ryan Baker, a CBS 2 Chicago veteran who is deserving of his new position as morning co-anchor. (The only other brothas at the station are Eric... Read more »

That Wasn't Ron Mott on NBC Last Weekend

I won’t call Robert Feder a liar, but he is out here “telling stories”! He reported that Ron Mott, NBC’s National Correspondent for Chicago, anchored the news last weekend. That is baloney! The real identity of the anchor is Rondell Sheridan (pictured above right), an actor who also has Chicago ties. Sheridan, who was the... Read more »

What's The Future For Chicago's Black Columnists?

For years, Mary Mitchell has been a prominent voice for black readers of the Chicago Sun-Times. Mitchell’s column has always been “our page” in a publication that mainly appeals to working-class white people. Starting August 1, she is reducing her presence at the paper to make room for other talented journalists of color. At 70, Ms.... Read more »

Chicago TV Reporters Tackle Race (On & Off The Job)

WGN TV reporter Courtney Gousman is “sick to her stomach” after seeing racially-insensitive imagery in traffic recently. On her Facebook page, she posted a picture of a “noose” sticker attached to a gas tank. She explains in her caption that the noose represents the murders of innocent black Americans from slavery to recent times. Yet, this post only represents... Read more »

Judging Jussie & The Chicago Media

Only Jussie Smollett could turn our city into TMZ-Midwest. As the nation’s third-largest media market, Chicago usually produces “hard news”– relating to politics, education, and the economy. To my chagrin, the Jussie Smollett story has topped most news broadcasts for the past 3 weeks. People are retweeting Charlie De Mar (CBS 2 Chicago), while Rafer Weigel (Fox Chicago) keeps... Read more »

Dear Jussie: Chicago's Good Outweighs The Bad

Chicago has a race problem. You won’t see that in a “Visit Chicago” ad, nor will you hear about it from a realtor. The Illinois Film Office probably didn’t warn you about it before you took the job on “Empire”. It’s our city’s dirty little secret. Decades before Laquan McDonald, we saw the brutal beating of... Read more »

Saving Empehi: When The Headlines Hit Home

The best and brightest come from Morgan Park High School on Chicago’s South Side, including yours truly. We call it “Empehi” (MP High) and we have athletic and academic rivalries with our fellow Vincennes Avenue neighbors Julian and Simeon.  Yet, recent headlines would cause many to believe there’s a battle within. Last Wednesday, a 16-year-old student set... Read more »

Windy City Live Has More "Faith" In Season 8

One thing I’ve always enjoyed about “Windy City Live” is the platform they provide for faith-based communities. It’s one of the few talk shows (locally and nationally) that features gospel choirs, ministers, and spiritual gurus. Co-host Val Warner frequently uses church sayings like “Won’t He Do It?” or “Take us to church!” with guests like Jenifer Lewis, Darlene Hill,... Read more »

Chance The Rapper Creates A Media Empire

The Chicago media has a love-hate relationship with Chance The Rapper. When he donated millions to the public schools, they showered him with praise; a few days later, they portrayed him as a deadbeat. Now, the 25-year-old entertainment phenom is taking control of his narrative (and the stories of others) by acquiring Chicagoist. While some have criticized... Read more »