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Chicago TV Reporters Tackle Race (On & Off The Job)

WGN TV reporter Courtney Gousman is “sick to her stomach” after seeing racially-insensitive imagery in traffic recently. On her Facebook page, she posted a picture of a “noose” sticker attached to a gas tank. She explains in her caption that the noose represents the murders of innocent black Americans from slavery to recent times. Yet, this post only represents... Read more »

From Kyles Files to X Files

Kyra Kyles is not joking. She is leaving the Tribune this week to pursue a very big opportunity. The popular and likable RedEye columnist is working with her younger sister, Kozi, on a new web series called “HR: The Series”. But folks obviously thought she was joking. That’s why she posted a tweet to let... Read more »

The Fresh Prince of WGN-TV

Frank Holland is coming to Channel 9 next month for the early morning 4 a.m. news. He’s no Will Smith. But just like Smith’s TV character,  Holland is “West Philadelphia born and raised.” [On the playground is where he spent most of his days…] Brother Holland comes from the mean streets of Detroit, so he... Read more »