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Should Journalists Give Up Their Privacy?

This week, two headlines caught my attention: “Mayor Emanuel Walks Out Of Interview” and “Tamron Hall Has Stalker Arrested”. At first glance, you wouldn’t think those two stories are directly related, but indirectly…they are. The first headline refers to yesterday’s clash between NBC 5 Chicago reporter Mary Ann Ahern and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Mrs. Ahern... Read more »

Journalists Vs Publicists

Believe it or not, but pitching a news story is hard work. That’s why I went back to journalism after a few years of pursuing a career in PR (public relations). It’s like publicists and journalists seem to be lifelong “frenemies” or friendly enemies. They know they have to work together but dread the process.... Read more »

News Room Casting Call

No. Channel 2 is not looking for a new morning traffic reporter just yet. You can put your video cameras away for now. There’s more serious business to be undertaken at two local TV stations. For the past few months, both Channel 5 and 32 have had a vacancy for one of the biggest jobs... Read more »

Did Johnson Publishing Make A Bad Move?

You might consume a lot of media but somebody else really owns the rights to it. After learning about JP Morgan Chase’s deal with Johnson Publishing, I started thinking about who really owns the media industry of this city. If you pay close enough attention to your favorite media outlet, you might agree with this... Read more »

Channel 32's Big Gamble

Word on the street is that Fox Chicago News (WFLD) is changing more than just the set this summer. (Courtesy of Chitownradio forum) If you look at the job openings page, you will see that they are looking for a new Assistant News Director, Administrative Assistant, and Social Media Specialist.In fact, it was just announced... Read more »

Chicago's Best Anchor Pairs

I was just watching Linda Yu and Sylvia Perez this morning and realized why Channel 7 has been on top since March of 1986. They do a decent job at choosing people who will have good chemistry together. In my opinion, I think that really makes the difference between a good newscast and one that... Read more »

Channel 2 Tries Something New

CBS 2 Chicago (WBBM-TV) might be having ratings problems, but the station nevers stops trying promotion ideas. Earlier this year, I participated in the station’s wildly popular (and somewhat controversial) Traffic Tryout competition. I was one of 68 semi-finalists chosen from a pool of nearly 700 and my day at the station was good. But... Read more »

The Battle of Morning News Shows

Windy City Live is getting better. For a show that’s only 6 weeks old, there’s a lot more to prove than whether it can fill Oprah’s former time slot. Like Phil Rosenthal wrote on his now defunct media blog, other news stations are using WLS-TV’s experiment as a gauge for their future endeavors. After the... Read more »

Did CNN Snub Local Talent?

CNN just named Ted Rowlands as the new Chicago correspondent, according to TVNewser . It’s been almost 3 years since the network axed Christian “Fuzz” Hogan as Midwest Bureau Chief, then shifted its structure to have Chicago report to its Los Angeles region chief. [That made about as much sense as having the Minnesota Timberwolves... Read more »

Chicago's Unsung Journalists

Some of the best journalists in our city are rarely seen on TV screen. They are newspaper reporters, radio hosts, photographers,  producers and editors and every one in between. But most people immediately think of a TV anchor or reporter when the word “journalist” comes to mind. Thankfully, I’m here to hip you to some... Read more »