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Talk Isn't Cheap: Why "Windy City Live" Got Cancelled

After 10 years on the air, “Windy City Live” is coming to an end. According to a leaked e-mail on Robert Feder’s site, the show will air its last weekday program on Friday, September 3. (It’s going to be a long Labor Day weekend for that staff.) Since the pandemic shutdown last year, the show... Read more »

Marshall Harris Joins CBS2 Chicago- But Some Viewers Aren't Happy

For CBS2 Chicago, the incoming sports anchor/ director Marshall Harris seems like a “great catch”: he’s a dapper dude with lots of experience and a big personality. Yet, some viewers feel that the news management team fumbled the ball by passing over the fill-in sports reporter Matt Zahn. (In fact, they’ve expressed their frustrations on... Read more »

Debunking the Chicago Media's Myths About Black Teens

Every time we turn on the news, the Chicago media (typically) shows the worst of Black teens and young adults. For Generation Z, our local news reporters can’t see “the ‘hood” for the ratings. It’s all sensational reporting designed to promote fear-mongering of black juveniles. For years, I was guilty of judging those same young... Read more »

Much Ado About Lightfoot

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has a new policy that is creating some tension in the local media. She will only grant one-on-one interviews to journalists of color. Surprisingly, many journalists of color appear to be offended by her gesture. (While I’m a black man who disagrees with grouping all of us as “people of color”,... Read more »

TC Carson: "I'm Not Waiting On You"

Actor/singer TC Carson is more than “Kyle” from the hit 1990s sitcom” Living Single”, yet that’s what he’s known as to many of his fans. Today, he appeared on Nekia Nichelle’s IG Live and dropped some words of wisdom about creating your own media opportunities. It was a “virtual” homecoming for Carson, a proud Chicago... Read more »

Sylvia Snowden: CAN-TV's Diamond In The Rough

For 15 years, Sylvia Snowden has been working as a journalist. You haven’t seen her on the Big 3 news stations yet, but she’s making her own path as a public access powerhouse. For Ms. Snowden, real storytellers focus on the message–not the medium. Great stories can be found anywhere and told by anyone. Overall, she... Read more »

Joe Scott: Chicago's Favorite Real Estate "Reporter"?

There’s a Chicago man who deserves his own TV show so much that he started his own. His name is Joe Scott. I’ve seen him in sponsored ads on social media, but his YouTube channel shows the brilliance of his production style. For me, he’s definitely the perfect person to get a segment on “News... Read more »

Tia Ewing Claps Back After Getting Trolled

A few days ago, Fox Chicago reporter Tia Ewing was just minding her business on Twitter. Then, she got trolled for doing what TV reporters do: using a fake work voice encouraged by dinosaur news directors who think it’s still 1982. The “TV news voice” has always created a dilemma for nonwhite TV reporters because... Read more »

Fran Spielman Turns Prosecutor in Lightfoot Interview

In her latest interview, Fran Spielman puts Mayor Lori Lightfoot on the witness stand. To her chagrin, Lightfoot wasn’t taking the bait on Spielman’s intrusive questioning. For the first 3 minutes of the interview, Spielman grills Lightfoot about Supt. Johnson as if she were in the car next to him.  Twenty years ago, that kind of... Read more »

Where Are Chicago's Black Male TV Anchors?

One black man out, another black man in. Just one week axing Derrick Young, CBS 2 Chicago (WBBM-TV) is putting another “brotha” on the anchor desk. That “brotha” is Ryan Baker, a CBS 2 Chicago veteran who is deserving of his new position as morning co-anchor. (The only other brothas at the station are Eric... Read more »