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Justice For Snoop: When Racism & Journalism Intersect

One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow. For French citizens, July 14 was a celebration of independence; for friends of Harith “Snoop” Augustus, it was a day of tragedy. The 37-year-old devoted father and beloved barber was fatally shot Saturday by a Chicago police officer in the city’s South Shore neighborhood. You already know what happened next: protests... Read more »

ABC7 Chicago's Big Win For Women & Diversity

The glass ceiling at ABC 7 Chicago has been broken some more. Today, the station announced that three popular female anchors would be promoted to new positions: Cheryl Burton, Judy Hsu, and Tanja Babich. As veteran anchor Kathy Brock prepares for her last day on air, ABC 7 Chicago’s management is working to ensure a smooth transition of talent.... Read more »

Doing My Own News (Part 1)

Last week, I attended a book signing at Chicago State featuring a moderately known journalist. I went to meet this journalist and stated my name. The journalist said, “Oh, you’re a blogger aren’t you?” While that statement is true, I couldn’t help but be offended by the tone in which this person said that–especially after... Read more »

From Kyles Files to X Files

Kyra Kyles is not joking. She is leaving the Tribune this week to pursue a very big opportunity. The popular and likable RedEye columnist is working with her younger sister, Kozi, on a new web series called “HR: The Series”. But folks obviously thought she was joking. That’s why she posted a tweet to let... Read more »

Urban PR's New Guru

Christi Harber is the brand behind the brands. Ms. Harber is the proprietor of “Christi With An Eye” PR firm and one of the better PR professionals in the urban lifestyle genre of local news. If there is a big event featuring Chicago’s notable African-Americans, chances are that Ms. Harber has some dealings with or... Read more »