Marshall Harris Joins CBS2 Chicago- But Some Viewers Aren't Happy

For CBS2 Chicago, the incoming sports anchor/ director Marshall Harris seems like a “great catch”: he’s a dapper dude with lots of experience and a big personality. Yet, some viewers feel that the news management team fumbled the ball by passing over the fill-in sports reporter Matt Zahn. (In fact, they’ve expressed their frustrations on Robert Feder’s page.)

I’m not one to play the race card- but would the response have been the same if a white guy replaced Zahn? It seems as if (some) white folks are never happy when “we” get the job. Trust me, I’ve been through this when I briefly worked in television. My white colleagues gave me a hard way to go with a short time to get there. When I finally got laid off, they silently rejoiced and pointed me towards the door.

I pray that Mr. Harris chooses his work friends wisely. Chicago’s journalism community has a few snake-like colleagues who disguise microaggressions as “friendly advice”. They are the kind of people who “don’t see color” unless a person of color gets the job that everyone wants.

I’ll be rooting for Harris in the stands- but I hope everyone else does the same.

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