TC Carson: "I'm Not Waiting On You"

Actor/singer TC Carson is more than “Kyle” from the hit 1990s sitcom” Living Single”, yet that’s what he’s known as to many of his fans. Today, he appeared on Nekia Nichelle’s IG Live and dropped some words of wisdom about creating your own media opportunities. It was a “virtual” homecoming for Carson, a proud Chicago native. Despite the pandemic, he still has big projects forthcoming including a cooking show.


Actor/Singer TC Carson

Actor/Singer TC Carson


After being asked about a “Living Single” reboot for the umpteenth time, Mr. Carson offered some additional insight about how networks and studios operate. He explained that it’s important to look within and create your own opportunities. For him,  “I’m not waiting on you” is in reference to production companies; he would rather be proactive and have his own.

Check out the clip below:

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