Sylvia Snowden: CAN-TV's Diamond In The Rough

Photo credit: @iamdjanell - Instagram

Photo credit: @iamdjanell – Instagram

For 15 years, Sylvia Snowden has been working as a journalist. You haven’t seen her on the Big 3 news stations yet, but she’s making her own path as a public access powerhouse. For Ms. Snowden, real storytellers focus on the message–not the medium. Great stories can be found anywhere and told by anyone. Overall, she keeps being a voice for unheard communities because of her passion for people and strong upbringing.


Ms. Snowden, 36, is the oldest of three born to highly respected parents on Chicago’s South Side. From a young age, Snowden’s parents taught her the value of public service and advocacy. Additionally, they instilled Christian values which continuously guide her ethical approach to journalism. As a writer, she “rightly divides the word of truth” by researching the issues that really matter to ensure her content is factual and informative.

Throughout her life, she has always used her talents and skills to help others. In fact, that’s how I met her. 20 years ago, we were juniors at Morgan Park High School on the Debate Team. While my stint on the team only lasted 2 weeks, I appreciated her brief role as my mentor. 10 years later, I was able to repay the favor when she worked with me on my news project: 2City News (2CN). 2CN became a stepping stone for Snowden to host video projects at her church and start her own YouTube commentary project called “Truly Sylvia”.


Currently, Snowden is in her 10th year with CAN-TV. First, she provided support for nonprofit producers of the station. While others would get “weary in well doing”, she pressed on.  A few years ago, she became the host of “Political Forum” and her talent is undeniable. As we approach 2021, I see my friend’s gifts making room for her and bringing her before a greater number of viewers at CAN-TV. She brings us such a professional poise that more people will be tuning in soon.

Kudos to Sylvia Snowden: Empehi’s Finest and somebody who makes us “Chicago Proud”.


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