Tia Ewing Claps Back After Getting Trolled


A few days ago, Fox Chicago reporter Tia Ewing was just minding her business on Twitter. Then, she got trolled for doing what TV reporters do: using a fake work voice encouraged by dinosaur news directors who think it’s still 1982.

The “TV news voice” has always created a dilemma for nonwhite TV reporters because it’s just not our cultural identity. It feels fake. Yet, it’s all part of playing the game. (Radio folks deal with the foolishness, too.)

When I wanted to be a news reporter, I contacted news directors across the country for advice on how to improve my voice. They wanted me to “deepen” my voice, practice with a cork between my teeth, and follow the TV reporter cadence. (TV reporter cadence is annoying because you TYPICALLY stress WORDS that don’t need EMPHASIZING! )


Yet, Tia is aware that she has to please those folks in the control room. If it were up to us, she could use slang while doing the news. However, the industry will deem that “unprofessional”.

I’m disappointed that Tia removed the news report. But I understand that she’s not up to the trolling.

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