Fran Spielman Turns Prosecutor in Lightfoot Interview


In her latest interview, Fran Spielman puts Mayor Lori Lightfoot on the witness stand. To her chagrin, Lightfoot wasn’t taking the bait on Spielman’s intrusive questioning. For the first 3 minutes of the interview, Spielman grills Lightfoot about Supt. Johnson as if she were in the car next to him.  Twenty years ago, that kind of journalism would have stuck; today, it’s just plain sensational.

Lightfoot is an attorney. She knows how to play the game. She’s been on the other side of the equation. So, I think the Sun-Times needs to find a different strategy to get answers. Instead of badgering the Mayor for answers, they need to let this all play out. I find it suspicious that the media gives black men a harder time than their white counterparts. I never saw this much questioning about Weis, Cline, or McCarthy. (McCarthy deserved it the most because of Laquan McDonald.)

I still respect Spielman’s work as a journalist. What bothers me is that her editors are pressuring her to work beneath her acclaim. I want better interviews next time.


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