WVON's Talent Shuffle

Johnny “Koolout” Starks is leaving WVON-AM (1690) after 3 years but he will still be there in spirit. (Just not physically)

That’s because he will air his popular “Kool Out Radio” show from New Bern, North Carolina– where his new full-time gig is.

According to Larz at Chicagoland Radio and Media, Starks will be the new afternoon DJ for WIKS-FM.

It will be a major payoff for a man who was worked in the radio industry for over 10 years.

But you can’t help but wonder how WVON will respond to this. While Koolout Radio is still a go, there is no backup plan just in case Johnny expands his duties in North Carolina and can’t broadcast his show remotely.

WVON has been trying new folks out behind the microphone, including new traffic reporter David Martin IV. The talented young man has filled in for their regular guy Bryant Monteilh (pronounced “Mon-tay”) with news updates. He’s in his early 20s, has a great personality and he is versatile enough to handle radio and TV duties.

I just wonder if they will be willing to give David his own show.

But they should.

A youthful perspective is MISSING from WVON and most local radio stations. There’s this assumption that young people don’t like talk radio; To the contrary, some of us do enjoy more than just J.Cole and Beyonce.

Kendall Moore is a good guy but he’s not part of the coveted 25 to 39 demographic that the station could capitalize on.

The station needs younger contributors and not just guests on Kendall’s show who talk about stopping the violence.

The only person on WVON “keeping it real” (besides Santita Jackson) is AL SHARPTON–and he doesn’t even do his show here. It is broadcast from New York!!!!

Come on, WVON! Give us a simulcast of Power 92’s True Star Radio or have a spoken word show on.

If you ignore the young, you will regret it when they are old.

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