Former Trib Reporter Moves Up

Kyra Kyles

Kyra Kyles is keeping her “files” somewhere else.

She is now a full-time senior editor at JET Magazine, in addition to producing a brand new puppet show called HR: The Series.

Just weeks after leaving The Chicago Tribune company, she has embarked upon an exciting new chapter of her life. While most reporters would have to change careers due to the lack of jobs available, Ms. Kyles has found a new market where her talents will be put to good use.

Some have whispered about whether the Trib will find another “multicultural” reporter to take Kyles’s place.

Just last year, there was a major controversy about the station parting ways with Dr. Garrard McClendon and giving his spot to Paul Lisnek.

It seemed as if the Trib wasn’t cultivating minority talent–specifically within the African-American community. But that sentiment could be easily debated.

Frank Holland, Brittney Payton, and Gaynor Hall are emerging as young African-American reporters with potential.

In addition to that, you can’t play the race card in the workplace anymore. You have to be a reporter who happens to be a minority instead of the converse.

Plus, diversity extends to more than just black people. If I were an employer, I would want ALL ethnic groups represented in my company. So, we have to look at qualifications rather than just skin color.

Kyra Kyles is proof of that.


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