Cheryl Burton Visits Windy City Live

When the producers of WLS-TV’s “Windy City Live” can’t find the right guest, they use the cheapest alternative possible:  their own on-air talent.

Earlier this month, they had veteran Ron Magers as a guest to promote his work outside the newsroom–which ironically involved more news. Now, they have brought on Mr. Magers’ afternoon co-anchor Cheryl Burton.

In my opinion, Ms. Burton is the most visible female face in Chicago TV news.

She’s beautiful, friendly, and can switch back and forth between her regular “South Side” voice and TV anchor accent.

But when I found out that she was going to be a guest on “Windy City Live”, I cringed–just like some of the members in the audience did if you slow down and watch their reactions.

I didn’t cringe because of her nobility in promoting a Holiday Toy Drive that she holds every year around the time of her birthday–which is Christmas.

I cringed because the audience members are most likely to be fans of ABC 7 Chicago (WLS-TV).

They already know who Ron Magers and Cheryl Burton are. In fact, they’ve even had the station boss Emily Barr on, in addition to the regular appearances by morning weather anchor Tracy Butler. It’s almost like the marketing department assumed that people want to see the same folks from the news on a morning talk program that wasn’t designed to be newsy.

At this point, they might as well invite the floor director on as a guest. [At least the segment won’t run over.]

They need to involve the studio audience more. If they couldn’t find a guest, they should have featured a viewer’s incredible story of overcoming a challenge or obstacle. Everything doesn’t have to be about a giveaway.

But I’m going to stay tuned for when Harry Porterfield comes back to be a guest.

He’s definitely “Someone You Should Know”. 😉



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  • Harry Porterfield works at CBS. Has for a while.

    Something you should know...

  • In reply to Chubonut2:

    Hey, thanks for stopping by.

    Sometimes, I fail to realize that some of my readers can't follow implied humor. So, I have to be explicit.
    As a media blogger, I knew about Harry Porterfield's departure probably before you did. (I had a friend who was a photographer there at that time)

    The joke was that Channel 7 will bring back current as well as FORMER employees.

    Thanks for the laugh, because it's real funny when people try to check ME on my blog and think they'll be successful.

    That's SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW. (Pick your face up off the floor as you leave the room)

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