From Kyles Files to X Files

Kyra Kyles is not joking. She is leaving the Tribune this week to pursue a very big opportunity.

The popular and likable RedEye columnist is working with her younger sister, Kozi, on a new web series called “HR: The Series”. But folks obviously thought she was joking. That’s why she posted a tweet to let folks know it’s the real deal.

Kyles has built a strong reputation for herself as Chicago’s pop culture correspondent. It’s not an easy balancing act considering that she’s an African-American woman. Men and women of color still have a lot of challenges to overcome in the media with budget cuts that always seem to favor them first. Yet, she still managed to build a multicultural fan following without trying to channel the spirit of Malcolm X with every post.

That’s not a bad thing. I still believe that journalists of color still have an obligation to be a voice for their respective ethnic groups. It’s just that professionalism must come with one’s passion. You can’t be so busy trying to save black folks that you forget ALL people need good news in this prolonged period of economic downturn.

Kudos to Kyra Kyles for a job well done.

(Hey, Tribune. Y’all got a vacancy?  Help a brotha out. This free blogging for ChicagoNow is hurting my finances. LOL)


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  • I looked at the Facebook link, and yes it is a puppet show. I don't know how people make money on a web puppet show, but...

    ...someone has to start somewhere. I just read a BusinessWeek that Rachel Ray was demonstrating cooking at some food store, when the idea came to her "if people wait 30 minutes for Domino's to deliver the mediocre, they could make something good in 30 minutes," and it took off. Of course, it helped that someone connected her with Al Roker.

    But I guess it is that stroke of genius that separates the entrepreneurs from the rest of us.

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