Chicago Radio Needs Urban Comedy

Everybody’s got an opinion, but folks might not want to hear it.

That’s one of the reasons why talk radio is not as appealing to me as news. Between the hosts and call-in guests speaking entirely too long, it seems like talk formats become gripe sessions. It’s okay to share your views but please keep your comments to the 2 minute limit. It’s very easy to go off on a tangent without some structure to your monologue.

(See, I just stopped myself before I went off topic)

What I want more of is urban comedy. Now wait. Urban relates to cities rather than just a group of multicultural people. I’m not looking for the next Richard Pryor, but a group of Chicagoans who can make us laugh about the news and general life topics.

It’s 2011 and iPods are the new radio. Folks want music on-demand…at their demand. Pandora gets the job done for the adventurous consumer who likes to be surprised. But if you’re too lazy to skip a track or don’t like occasional advertisements (on the free version), Pandora might not be the answer for you. Sometimes, a radio station like XM’s Laugh channel gives you the right alternative if the news is too dry and music too repetitive.

If I were a program director, I would infuse comedy into the lineup. The best time to do it would be during evening rush hour when folks are looking for something to listen to on the train. They can get headlines from their mobile devices, so there’s no need to repeat what they already know. People want to laugh at their problems, so why not provide that platform?

(Hey, it’s been a slow news week on the media beat, so bear with with me.) 🙂

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