Urban PR's New Guru

Christi Harber is the brand behind the brands.

Ms. Harber is the proprietor of “Christi With An Eye” PR firm and one of the better PR professionals in the urban lifestyle genre of local news. If there is a big event featuring Chicago’s notable African-Americans, chances are that Ms. Harber has some dealings with or knows the person over it.

For the purpose of full disclosure, I will admit that I have received news leads from her. And I have not been disappointed yet. As someone who tried a career in PR that never panned out, I feel inspired to see someone who made it work.

PR is a tough field. In my opinion, it is much harder to be a publicist than a journalist– so much so that a lot of PR firms have newsrooms now. PR firms are doing in house media to get create almost a “rough draft” of what a news story should look like. Some call them online newsrooms. And all of this just makes the thin line between PR and journalism much more blurry.

Luckily, Ms. Harber knows how to link the right clients to the right media contacts. She must realize that everyone is not ready for Channel 7 news, but they might get more exposure from the right blogger or podcast host.

I haven’t had any problems from her yet as my PR contact. So, if you are looking to cover good stories about urban and multicultural events going on in Chicago, leave a message below.

I guess it is true that one day…journalists and publicists will be able to walk hand in hand. Why not? They seem to be doing the same job nowadays.


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  • Your last paragraph was about what I was complaining here about a month ago (when I mentioned what the adjunct PR prof said).

    For that matter, on your previous Lila Chacon post, why does the City Treasurer need a flack? As far as anything affecting the public, the County Treasurer collects property taxes, and the City Clerk sells vehicle stickers, so (as I asked....).

    Of course, PR firms have news rooms. One in Tampa generated the fiction that Blago was innocent.

    I wonder if Jesse Jackson Sr. or Rev. Meeks needs a press agent. Maybe Jesse Jr. needs one to do damage control with Sandi.

  • I totally forgot about the Tampa PR firm that Blago used until now.

    You are right. But I have no idea about Jesse Sr. or Rev. Meeks.
    Maybe they do have press agents and we just don't know about them. :)

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