D Wade Skips Windy City Live

Ryan Chiaverini wants answers. He thought NBA star Dwyane (Spellcheck) Wade would be stopping by Windy City Live this morning. But he thought wrong. It seems like Wade overslept and reneged on his agreement.

It is a producer’s nightmare to have a guest cancel at the last minute. Fortunately, they pulled it together just fine with the comedian and money saving twins. Then, the winners of the D Wade Talent show–Chi Town’s Finest Breakers– really charmed us all.

Good job, Windy City Live.

Just please stop having Roe Conn on unless he has something to say. He’s a good guy but I don’t want hear from him or Ji everyday.

No one cares about what you all did on the weekend. I’m sorry. That’s not an opinion; That’s a fact.

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